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Smudge Stick



Smudge sticks are the most natural form of incense—they’re just wild plant trimmings, nothing else. Just light the tip on fire, blow out the flame and let it smolder. Extinguish with sand or water when you are done. They’re also great in the fireplace.

Made from 100% pure plant material.

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Juniper Ridge has begun using bags made of vegetable-based biodegradable plastic and organic everything, from the soapmaking oils and tea ingredients to the string in the smudge sticks.

Ancient incense, sustainably harvested. Light, burn, and allow smudge to smolder

No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. - See more at: http://juniperridge.com/collections/smudge/products/white-sage-large#sthash.1ue5J8rj.dpuf