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Little Adventurer Bundle

$94.00 $50.00


This bundle is designed with the Little Adventurer in mind. Consisting of a classic beanie, a goodnight story, a game pack for instant entertainment, and a little treat after a hard day of exploring. 


  • Hand sewn leather patch and versatile cuffing on beanie
  • A classic Minnesotan goodnight story, Goodnight Loon
  • 4x4 game pack made from canvas to carry a folding cribbage board with pegs, five dice, and a deck of cards
  • Chocolate rocks
  • All items come in a Duluth Pack Bundle Bag


  • Kid's Duluth Pack Beanie
  • Lake Superior Chocolate Rocks
  • Goodnight Loon book
  • Duluth Pack Mini Game Pack
  • Bundle Bag

*All colors are pre-determined and shown in images. No exceptions. Returns must include all items of bundle.*

Made in USA Lifetime Guarantee