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Money Clip
Money Clip
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SKU: HEN-0010
Money Clip

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8 Reviews 4.6/5
Product Review
This simple money clip is the best available in the market- bar none! Just like their packs, this clip is functional, durable and has a strong, oversized magnet that works with plenty of folded currency. This is my second one. The first one didn’t wear out from long-term, daily use- I unfortunately lost it! Couldn’t live without the simple practicality, so I had to immediately order a new one.
Product Review
I had one of these clips for a gazillion years (really!) and it finally got too ratty-looking to carry but i could not find out or remember where I got it. Then...I was at a trade show and saw the logo and...BINGO. There it was. This money clip carries more cards than others and has a better magnet. I may buy another one in case I outlast this one.
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