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Minnesota Paddle
Minnesota Paddle
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SKU: W-901
Minnesota Paddle



Each Sanborn Canoe Co. paddle is handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota. So please allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks to arrive upon order. In this Minnesota bent shaft canoe paddle, they have ventured beyond using just cedar into using hardwoods. The added ash on the edge of the blade will provide durability as will the Cherry that sandwiches the cedar along the length of the shaft. This canoe paddle is specially designed for the types of paddling plied in our great state - any and all types of paddling! It has a beautifully constructed hybrid blade shape. The rounded narrower tip will slip in and out of the water with ease, reducing fatigue and stress on your body, as would a traditional beavertail paddle. But flaring out towards the middle this blade will still give you the power to plow through the toughest wave or current. Great name! Our state of Minnesota has everything from canoeing on the Mississippi River to Voyageurs National Park to the one and only Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Sanborn Canoe Co. feels this paddle is well designed to handle those and any other conditions. So they felt Minnesota was a fitting name for a well-rounded canoe paddle.

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