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Sam's Special Paddle


SKU: W-903-56
Each Sanborn Canoe Co. paddle is handcrafted in Winona, Minnesota. So please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks to arrive upon order. Sanborn Canoe Co's Sam’s Special wooden canoe paddle is great for that leisurely paddle around the lake and on extended trips too! You will love the slightly narrower and rounded blade as it will slip in and out of the water with less force required, taking stress off of your paddling. It is a straight-shaft super light-weight canoe paddle. The blade is sheathed in fiberglass and a hard epoxy tip is added to ward off pesky logs and rocks. And the t-grip, indexed shaft and thin blade are all designed to remove stress from your hands and joints. The name Sam’s Special comes from their original tool supplier. Must be some supplier to have a paddle named after him, huh? Well, actually when they were starting out they were like any other start-up business and had very limited resources and even fewer tools! So they went with their friend Sam’s garage and stole (with his blessing) most of the tools that got them started on their first canoe and paddles. Thanks, Sam!

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