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The LoonTune™


The LoonTune™ provides fun and a bit of exercise for nearly all ages. This patent pending product is a great gift for any northwoods lover. Both the wail and tremolo sounds of the common loon are made when using this interactive nature toy. Each LoonTune is made in the U.S. and comes with natural wood handles from renewable forests located in northern Minnesota.

LoonTuneTM operating instructions:

1) Hold one handle in each hand and rotate the LoonTune until the string is taut.
2) Move handles outwards until string is no longer twisted.
3) Move handles inwards to allow string to twist again.
4) The LoonTune will spin to make a sound similar to the wail and tremolo sound of the Common Loon.

Adult supervision for children is recommended for this product.
Caution: String may break while using this item.

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