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Tumpline with 3/4 inch leather straps. Tumpline needs existing buckles on the pack in order to be used. Made in USA. Available in Olive Drab only.

What is a tumpline?

Tumplines were originally used back in the day by the voyageurs of the North American fur trade to help carry their heavy loads of pelts and rations across portages. The tumpline should NOT be worn on the forehead. Rather, it is placed across the top of the head, just to the rear of the hairline. By doing this, the weight of the load is transferred off your shoulders and it also keeps the load over your center of balance.

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use of tumpline
To be frank, I didn't know anyone made these (I've got a Sparky pack and didn't notice the tumpline in your product line-up). I won't have to make my own anymore! To the point - a tumpline is most useful when crossing swift water or an unstable slope - places where you wouldn't want to fall with a pack on your back. If you are sure you're going over, with a tumpline, a flick of your head and you are free of the pack. Review by flatlander (Posted on 4/21/2015)
Its a head strap
This is added to a heavy pack, and then the strap goes over your head and rests on your forehead. Seriously. it may sounds and look funny, but it really eases a heavy load off the shoulders and uses the whole spine. This is REALLY helpful on the front end of a trip when the food bag is heavy. Review by 1dogboy (Posted on 10/24/2008)
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