Gransfors Large Splitting Axe

Gransfors Large Splitting Axe

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Designed for splitting chunks of wood, "rounds". The thick part of the concave wedge shaped axe head powers apart the grain of the wood. The poll is not designed for pounding on a wedge.

The head weighs 3 1/2 lb. The face is 3". The axe has a 27" hickory handle, circular grooves at the grip, steel collar and a grain-leather sheath.
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Awesome Axe
Bought this axe based off a recommendation from a friend. Splits wood like a hot knife through butter. Wet, damp, dry...all the same. You won't be disappointed. Review by Matty K (Posted on 9/3/2016)
Great for the birch, aspen, and maple I split for the house. Maul is better for the spruce I burn around the campfire.

This thing stabs in deep with its narrow blade and the pops the wood apart as it gets to the flare. This axe promotes speed over power. I'm far less fatigued with a few hours on this over a maul. The

The handle is surprisingly short, but now I love that. Fits my swing perfectly (I'm 5'9"). Anything more than this makes me alter my swing and lose power.

In conclusion: if you only want one axe and you split evergreens get a maul and a few wedges. If you're splitting a lot of birch and maple this axe is king.
Review by The Domestic Lumberjack (Posted on 5/25/2015)
World class axe
Among the best axes in the world. World class. I didn't know axes were made this good. Comes with a 20 year warranty. Museum quality. Unbelievable workmanship. Review by Lee (Posted on 10/6/2010)
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