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Cabin Campfire Incense Holder

Cabin Campfire Incense Holder

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Bring back campfire memories with this mini log cabin incense holder. Each cabin features a special recessed slot that holds one natural recycled pine needle incense "log". Once the incense is lit and the roof is placed back on top of the cabin, fragrant smoke comes out of the chimney. Each cabin comes with sample of 10 incense logs. Cabin measures 3" X 4".
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Customer Reviews (4)
i love this
it is more than I expected. Thank You so much. Review by Bones (Posted on 10/15/2014)
passing on tradition
I bought this for my daughter hoping that she would like it, just as I had when I was young. I was wrong...She loved it!!! It is nice to be able to pass on traditions. I found out that my 78 y/o mother in law had one as a child also. Review by Geoffrey (Posted on 12/27/2013)
unlocks memories
This little log cabin is perfect for bringing back those summer spent at camp or your grandfather's cabin in the woods up north. I live down in florida now and I lite this incense burner when I miss Minnesota. Review by J-Shep (Posted on 6/5/2013)
Reminds me of my Childhood
My grandparents had one of these (or probably several, over the years) when I would visit them in North Dakota each year during the 1950’s and 60’s. I’ve always equated the smell to those wonderful, carefree times. I HAD to buy two when I saw them at Duluth, so I’d have plenty while hosting MY grandkids.

Of course, I LOVE the smell, but the first time I fired it up for my wife as she returned home from work, her remark was a surprising “Wow, it smells like someone has been smoking (something illegal) outside – WAIT A MINUTE, ITS IN HERE”. I had some ‘splainin to do!

Honest - it smells like a pine campfire, and it’s wonderful, and my grandkids LOVE it.
Review by Steve the Bush Pilot (Posted on 1/9/2008)
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