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Money Clip

Money Clip

Made in America
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Our magnetic money clip has magnets that will hold up to 10 folded bills securely. It also has a pocket that will hold a few credit cards, perfect for the minimalist! Tested to insure it won't ruin cards, this embossed billfold is an easy wallet substitute. Available in brown leather only. Guaranteed for life. Made in USA.
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Customer Reviews (7)
For years I alternated between a traditional tri-fold wallet and a simple money clip. The hybrid wallet/money clips like these that I bought in department stores wore out in about 6 months and were garbage.

Quite simply, this Duluth Pack money clip wallet is too legit to quit. The leather is gorgeous and supple. The little scratches and dings in it from daily use have just made it look better. No sign of wearing out anytime soon. This gift from my wife has quickly become a favorite and I highly recommend this product.
Review by Ben (Posted on 2/3/2015)
Stop looking, you found it.
I own about 20 metal money clips as well as some really worn out big-box 'leather' ones like this one. I was given this one for my birthday and have absolutely fallen in love. I have 3 paper-like cards, my ID, my permit to carry, 2 credit cards, and a thick RFID card in there at all times. The magnet is super strong, the leather is supple and attractive. You know it's a high-quality item that will last just by looking at it. The Duluth Pack logo on the front looks great as well. This is my go-to money and card holder and will be for the foreseeable future. Review by The Rev (Posted on 9/7/2014)
It's what you want
If you're tired of carrying a big bulky wallet, this is what you want. When I made the change from big wallet to money clip, I probably went through half a dozen cheap money clips before I finally sprung for this. I had been eyeing it. I've had this product for 6 years now and it shows few to no signs of wearing down. Doubt I'll ever get something else. Review by Auburn Catfish (Posted on 8/25/2012)
My family bought this for me 7 years ago because they know how much I love the Duluth Pack store on Canal Park. The money clip is functional, holds all I need, yet is small enough that it is never a bother to carry. I cannot imagine using anything else. Review by Jeff (Posted on 5/2/2012)
verrrry happy
I use this money clip every day and have for years. It has gone with me thru every possible environmental hazzard and abuse including swimming and still functions 100%. It magnet which holds the money is unbelievably strong and has never failed. The credit card area holds everything you need and keeps it safe. This can actually replace a wallet. Review by jim (Posted on 7/17/2010)
Would buy again - but won't have to!
Allows for 6 ID/Credit cards which is perfect. Never had a problem with the magnet not holding bills, even after i just left the cash machine. Perfect size for front pocket and not too bulky. Its great!
Review by 1dogboy (Posted on 3/3/2009)
Would buy again - but won't have to!
This is the best wallet/money clip I've ever owned. I've gone through several of the "designer label" clips that you buy at the big department stores and they all wear out quickly. This one is incredibly durable! It shows no wear after about two years of daily use, so it might just last forever...
Review by Matt (Posted on 9/10/2008)
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