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The Haversack Backpack is a spin on an old classic. We've transformed the original, over-the-shoulder single-strap, bag into a backpack. It has everything you love about the original Haversack – spacious interior, iPad-sized back pocket, many small pockets, buckle and long flap – plus an additional strap. It can be used for anything from books to binoculars.

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Outstanding Start
I bought the waxed canvas model. To put this review into context: I'm a 44 year old male, medium size (5 feet 8 inches tall, 150 pounds). I tend to use backpacks such as Jansport and Eddie Bauer for my day-to-day since I don't own a vehicle- I bicycle or walk everywhere. I have owned and used extensively many "man bags" and also have owned and used the leather Haversack and the canvas one as well. As I get a bit older, my back hurts when I carry my stuff on one side, even cross-body, so I'm back to wearing backpacks. Not wanting to look like an older man trying to look like a kid, I wanted something that looked a bit more mature. Plus I do like to carry a small camera, pencil and paper and my Kindle with me when I'm out and about. The new Haversack backpack looked perfect, and indeed it "almost is" perfect, except the straps need to either twist, or get narrower at the bottom. If you were in the Army or other service and had to use those older version Alice packs you know what I mean, those older rucks with the thick canvas straps? We'd always take them apart and twist them at the bottom so they would contour to our body better and not "dig in." If you make the straps on this Haversack backpack about 4 inches longer and either narrow it towards the point it attaches to the bottom sides of the pack or give it a "twist" it will GREATLY increase its comfort and functionality. Overall though, this is an awesome first attempt at giving new life into an already outstanding product line. I was going to return it, but decided to keep mine and just wear the heck out of it. It'll work fine with a twist in the bottom of the strap, which I've already worked in. Cheers, Duluth Pack and thanks again! Review by Kellan (Posted on 1/3/2014)
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