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Dustrude Saw

Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw

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The Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw is without a doubt the best saw we’ve taken on our canoe camping trips. This saw folds for easy transport, is easy to assemble and is very light weight. This saw has a 24" or 30" blade for long draws and quick cuts. Made in USA.

Just lift the folded handle to clear locking peg, pull out blade, rotate handles all the way round, insert blade into slots and rotate the lever 180º to lock in place.

21 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 22" Long
Open: 21" Long, 9" Tall

24 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 24" Long
Open: 24" Long, 9.25" Tall

30 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 31" Long
Open: 30" Long, 9.25" Tall
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Customer Reviews (22)
Best saw
The Bob Dustrude folding saw cannot be beat.I have owned this saw about 4 years now and use it on all my ramblings in the woods. It has always remained super sharp and stays straight and taut while using. For an excellent saw like this, it is priced right. It deploys and folds brilliantly...careful...very sharp Review by Cactus (Posted on 12/22/2016)
Super saw and service
My first experience with Duluth Pack and it was fantastic. Shipping was lightening quick and people I spoke to before ordering were very knowledgeable and polite. Placing the order was as easy as it gets with a very pleasant lady.
The Bob Dustrude saw was easy to assemble, very well designed and a joy to use. I was cutting 3" black maple limbs and 4-5 strokes of the saw was all it took to cut through. Very well balanced, light as a feather although very sturdy when assembled.
Best experience I've had through the mail. Thanks!
Review by G. (Posted on 12/22/2016)
Extraordinary Value
I have taken our scout troop to the BWCA for week-long backcountry treks for years. The Quick Buck Saw has become an essential part of our crew gear. Combined with a forest axe it will supply your crew will all the cut wood you need for cooking, heating water or relaxing around an evening fire. We prefer to cook our meals with a Littlbug wood stove (another great Minnesota invention!) and the Quick Buck saw makes that much easier, plus it keeps the scouts occupied. Well made, rugged and dependable.
Review by Simon Kenton (Posted on 11/9/2016)
Outstanding Saw for cutting wood
Spent two nights in Duluth and bought this saw from Duluth Pack before headng in on a 5 day canoe camping trip in Quetico park. This is hands down the best saw for cutting wood. I also bought the canvas case that fits perfectly with an extra saw blade.The four other campers with me said the same thing and they will be buying one before their next trip in the backcountry. You won't be sorry! Review by Scott (Posted on 7/25/2016)
Best Folding Saw.......EVER!!!
If making fire is your means of surviving the cold, this saw is your first aid kit. Compact to carry, so you'll have it with you; and built like a tank. The locking handle design eliminates the blade from twisting and gives a long stroke to speed through cutting branches/logs. Review by DJPotts (Posted on 10/18/2015)
Sturdy when open but when closed..
I can say I haven't actually used this saw for cutting yet..I have however used enough saws to say that when it's locked open and ready it feel lean and issue is when folded the blade catches taking it out of the frame as well it rattles unbelievable when walking with mentioned by some one else above my stopper screw was in wrong place causing the handle to stick out an extra inch and half when collapsed. Review by BillyJ (Posted on 8/13/2015)
Best of the best
I have used my Dustrude saw for several years now, including multiple trips to the BWCA and countless local camp outs. Simply the best saw I have ever used in the back country. Quick to set up, easy to pack and portage, cuts amazingly well. Don't leave home without it. Review by Simon Butler (Posted on 8/6/2015)
Silent in carry, awesome in use!
I purchased this to add to my bushcraft kit, and for just general use around the yard. I was worried about it rattling when I pulled it out of the box as it was loud as heck. I unfolded it and made some short work of some logs in the back. When I folded it to place it in the Duluth case, I noticed that the two verticals had not been folded all the was to the middle section. A light squeeze and the whole thing was tight and silent...not a noise. I have used it many times since and wow! Amazing, Worth every dime! Review by FoxWalker (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Bob Dustrude vs Sven Saw
I first got the Sven saw because of the price difference of about $30 but shortly after broke it when I was cutting a tree down and the whole frame and blade bent. I got the Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw as an alternative because of the lifetime warranty and the easier opening. It is the best large folding saw out there in my opinion. I got the 24 inch which is the best size in my opinion and it's really tough but light weight enough to go backpacking. With this saw and a bacho laplander you'll never need a nother saw for bushcrafting and outdoor use. Review by Johnny (Posted on 3/22/2015)
End all saw
I just got back from a four night winter camping trip in Northern MN. The temps were -11 to -15 so I needed a lot of wood on reserve. I just bought the 24 inch saw in December so this was my first time using it. I have been camping and hunting for 25 + years now and this is hands down the best saw I ever owned . It made short work of my daily chores of cutting wood. I was cutting six inch pine, red oak, birch and even brush with it. it packs easy in the Duluth Pack holder made for it. I cut a lot of wood in four days and it was almost effortless with saw. I will never leave for another trip with out it. I have used probably 15 different types of saws and this saw blows then out of the water. its literally a life saver . Review by Bill B (Posted on 1/16/2015)

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