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An ideal companion for bikers and commuters alike, the bag offers the option of rolling the bag down to accommodate a small load or higher to pack everything you might need for a weekend. The pack rides snug against the back; meaning no shifting around on your ride to work, and no accidentally bumping strangers on the subway. With the same traditional aesthetic as our popular Scout and Scoutmaster Pack, this bag is sure to be your go-to everyday backpack.

  • Extra canvas length to roll your pack close to optimally secure your goods at whichever height desired. 22" total height. 16" high at tightest roll.
  • Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
  • Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.
  • Outside pocket for easily accessing important items.
  • Flexible cotton straps provide durable comfort.
  • 12"W x 4"D x 16"H (to 22")

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Customer Reviews (14)
Love, love, love
Beautifully created! I applaud the creators!!
Amazing job! I love my Duluth Minn Roll-Top Scout!!! Not just a great looking 'backpack' but offers everything you could want and need in a backpack!
Review by Becca Boo (Posted on 12/18/2016)
Great bag
I love this bag and I love the company even more. I purchased this bag at their shop in Duluth. The bag had a slight imperfection in the leather and I knew that it could cause a problem down the road. I brought it back and they made me a knew one. I have had no issue with my bags materials since. I bought the Waxed canvas and I love it. I take it on day trip hikes or solo canoe trips. I have found the wax canvas to be EXTREMELY WATER REPELLENT and I highly recommend it. It is worth the extra $25 or what ever it is*.
The only issue that I have with the bag and my reason for docking a star - the bottom part of the straps rub on your hips and the design is very narrow. I am 5'11' and 160 pounds (pretty slim) and the bottom of the pack is pretty narrow even for my liking. If I could change anything about this pack that would be it! Widen up the bottom part of the straps. try one on, order one, if you dont like it, send it back. I love mine and I can live with the straps so ima gonna keep er!
Review by icrywolf (Posted on 8/17/2015)
Amazing construction, wrong fit
Everything about the backpack is great except, for me, the leather portion of the shoulder straps dig into my sides. Rather than laying flush against my torso, the edge of the strap digs into my ribs. I'd be commuting with this daily and it felt like this would get quite uncomfortable and even rub the area raw. Perhaps it's just my proportions. It was disappointing because the construction of the bag is second to none. Review by D (Posted on 7/26/2015)
Wonderful little day pack that fits most size laptops and text books. Definitely works as a day to day back pack rather than a hiking pack, but the description of it is already pretty clear about that.

As with all Duluth products, the canvas and the leather are top notch. The one zipper for the front pocket has given me no trouble for the two years I've had it so far.

Everything about this pack is incredibly high quality and it looks sharp. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Review by Almost Crimes (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Great Bag
I received the roll top scout in wax canvas as a gift. It's an awesome pack and I highly reccomended it. I keep my camping/survival/hiking gear in it. It fits roughly 25 liters worth of gear inside with a little extra room still to go. The color is basically tan, but a little darker, almost a light almond. It's built solid, and comfortable to wear. I'm leery of the zipper on pocket failing one day, but otherwise, it's a great pack! Perfect size for everyday items, school, work, flight carry on, or in my case, up to 3 days worth of gear. Great pack! Review by Adam (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Great bag!
Just received my Roll-Top Scout Backpack a couple days ago and I am very impressed.
The fit and finish is excellent all around with thick high quality leather and copper rivets.
The roll top is a lot more substantial than I thought it would be affording a lot more carrying space than anticipated. I will probably buy more of these for gifts as the price point is quite attractive given the quality. Good work Duluth Packs!
Review by Lance (Posted on 5/12/2015)
Looks Good, Feels Good, Works Good
I have been craving a Duluth Pack for some time but was hesitant about the price of these traditionally made bags. After checking the Duluth website shortly before my Yosemite trip I saw this rather new addition, the roll top scout. It immediately caught my eye. I like that it has an external zipper pocket, that comes in useful for little things you don't want loose in the main compartment. The roll top looks very attractive to my eyes, and I like that it keeps anything from falling out of the main compartment should the pack fall over or turn upside down. Also you can expand the volume of the pack as needed which is a great feature. I hand washed the pack before I first used it just to remove excess dye incase the pack got wet or I got really sweaty so the color wouldn't rub off on me or anything else, and it came out just fine after drying in the sun and applying some leather conditioner. It worked great in Yosemite carrying around a bunch of water bottles, snacks, and clothes for myself and my family on the trails. I looked good and felt good carrying it around on my back, like I was back in another age when goods were top quality, made in America, and built to last. These packs are handcrafted by real craftsmen and craftswomen, my was dated and handmade by "Angela," who will make yours? Get this fine backpack and you wont regret it. Review by Gabe (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Bag is super nice but I think zipper should be a lot better Review by Nick (Posted on 7/26/2014)
Its Awesome
A tad on the Small side but that is what I bought it fir, to be able to slide under the seat in front of me and not incur carry-on fees. I bring it to work every day. I will probably carry it with me forever. Worth every dollar. Review by Dan (Posted on 7/23/2014)
This bag is as good as it looks
After receiving my pack in a timely manner, I was blown away by the quality. Dense, high-quality canvas, a thick, heavy-duty zipper, thick, genuine leather. I've never bought an item that didn't compromise durability, quality, or style. This pack covers all the bases. I highly recommend it. Review by Tanner (Posted on 7/18/2014)

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