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#2 Cruiser Combo Pack
Olive Drab Black Burgundy Khaki Navy Orange Waxed Canvas

#2 Cruiser Combo - Canoe Pack

Made in America
5 Review(s)
An obvious favorite among canoeists and sportsman who appreciate back country impact resistance, the #2 Cruiser Combo is also equally at home on summertime picnics and weekly trips to the local farmers market. Made in Olive Drab or Waxed Canvas. All other colors made to order.

  • Ultra burly 15-ounce canvas construction with double bottom.
  • Quick drying cotton shoulder straps riveted for extra reinforcement.
  • Large main compartment with built in map pocket and compatibility with 18” basket.
  • Two flap-covered side pockets for quick access to everyday necessities.
  • Rides low to allow the carrying of a canoe while wearing the pack.
  • Comes with a heavy duty 6ml poly liner and a tumpline.
  • Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews (5)
Two excellent packs in one package
The Cruiser Combo is an inexpensive way to get two great packs that can be used separately or together.

I've had a #2 Cruiser Combo that's averaged 40 days a year outside for a decade and it's still in great shape.

There's only one change I'd make to DP's packs. I wish every pack had a "Deluxe" option to add the padded leather straps.
Review by Merry Prankster (Posted on 6/16/2009)
great pack, has done well in service
Have used on five one week trips, works great and looks like new yet. will certianly last my lifetime as a food pack. We lined to basket with a foam pad and it keeps the frozen food good for a couple days, also easier on the back. Review by Wally (Posted on 12/21/2008)
Cruiser combo #2
I've used this combo on 8 BWCA trips, primarily as a kitchen/cooking pack containing stoves, fuel, cookware, filters, etc. I really like the basket and canvas pack approach - easy access to the basket, yet secure once loaded; the basket provides rigidity to protect items if needed. The only downside to the pack is that it does not fit my frame - I'm 6' tall and the webbed straps really cut into my chest at my armpits. If I put excessive weight in the pack, the tumpline is useful. Smaller framed individuals seem to like carrying the pack more than I do. Review by Bluestem Paddler (Posted on 12/9/2008)
A Pack for All Occasions
Being an owner of a Duluth #4 heavy duty pack, I wanted a smaller pack to both complement the #4 and as a versatile option to cover many bases.

It would require to be a large daysack with ample space in the side pockets to accomodate the larger Thermos and Stanley flasks. I'd require it to carry blankets, a tarp and double as overnight camp pack as well as store all the essentials babies seem to need these days.

It fulfils all my needs and more. Incredibly well built as all Duluth packs are and with professional looks that you just know will get the job done. This pack is as much at home full of baby paraphenalia in the back of my car as it is in my 16ft wooden open canoe on weekend trip round a Scottish Loch. Or even a simple picnic jaunt through the countryside.

Made with traditional materials and traditional values which is a real tonic in today's modern lifestyle. And talking of children, I'll be handing this pack down to mine. Could you say the same of a modern nylon, techno-fabric rucksack? Hmmmm....
Review by Red Kite (Posted on 11/13/2008)
I own several of these
This model was my first Duluth Pack. I have used it for camping, canoeing, car trips, name it. My wife and I bought three more of these when the kids got a bit larger (we have 4 kids). We use these to pack for all our vacations - wether that is to the Jersey Shore or camping. The kids take them on school trips - they can take a real beating - and they can hold a ton of stuff. The shoulder straps are not the most confortable - I would recommend getting the strap pads if you were going to use this for back packinig or hiking.
Review by Mike in Jersey (Posted on 7/17/2008)
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