GSI Glacier Stainless PERC

GSI Glacier Stainless PERC

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Seamless, ultra-rugged percolator crafted entirely from Glacier Stainless® steel for years of unmatched taste and performance. Corrosion-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel componentry and welds. PercView knob made of BPA-Free resin Heat-resistant, silicone handle stays cool to the touch. Dishwasher Safe Convenient, hinged lid

3 cup
Weight: .8000
Dimensions: 6.40'' x 4.00'' x 6.10''
Includes: 3 cup Percolator and Insert

6 cup
Weight: 1.1000
Dimensions: 8.00" x 4.90" x 6.40"
Includes: 6 cup Percolator and Insert

9 cup
Weight: 1.5500
Dimensions: 8.80" x 5.10" x 7.70"
Includes: 9 cup Percolator and Insert

14 cup
Weight: 2lbs. 2 oz.
Dimensions: 8.80'' x 6.70'' x 9.00''
Includes: 14 cup Percolator and Insert
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