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Olive Drab Black Burgundy Navy Khaki Orange Waxed Canvas

Guide Pack

Made in America
8 Review(s)
Based loosely on some of our favorite old pack designs, the new Guide Pack is destined to become a Duluth Pack classic.

  • Burly 15-ounce canvas construction.
  • Dual buckling rain flaps under the lid.
  • Premium leather flap straps riveted and reinforced for long-term durability.
  • Padded leather/canvas shoulder straps
  • Zippered pocket under top lid for easy access.
  • Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews (8)
Love it
Being an engineer and knowing what equipment I carry in the field day to day, I spec'd out this bag long before buying it. I have had no complaints using this to carry 30 lbs daily. Would recommend the brand and craftsmanship to anyone. This is my third pack; my next step up will be a custom variant of this bag when my daughter leaves for college and takes this one with her. I actually drove to Duluth on vacation to buy this, and the staff at the retail store went out of their way to provide incredible customer service. They even drove to the factory across town to get the color and style I wanted in time for me to head out and get to my campsite. Review by Long time buyer (Posted on 1/17/2017)
Great bag
I have taken this bag everywhere with me. It's gone camping in deserts and in mountains. Also on cross country train trips. This bag is holds more than it looks like it can. This is my go-to suitcase and camping bag.

It does take time to break the straps in. But for traveling and car camping, it can't be beat.
Review by Dubs (Posted on 8/27/2015)
As always, great quality gear
This is my third Duluth Pack of different sizes for different purposes. As always, Duluth Pack makes great quality stuff, and American Made means American jobs ☺
I am 5’6” and the shoulder straps are set in the middle, so someone with a smaller frame has room for adjustments. I am a scout leader with a troop that goes camping every month in all conditions and it fits all the gear I need on any weekend trip and probably a week or longer trip as well. With the waxed canvas I have not had any issues of inside contents getting wet, and when camp is struck, it makes a great pillow too.
The video shows six hand-pounded rivets for attaching the shoulder / web straps, but mine came with only four.
I really like the long side pocket that easily holds a 64 ounce Klean Kanteen, I can also slip my 19” hunters axe handle in (the head sticks out a little over an inch and faces backward) and still have room for some smaller items above or below the water bottle.
I also like the web handle so it is easier to strap / hang on a tree at the right height for getting into and packing.
I only wish the flap straps were a bit longer so I could better add a bedroll under the flap, or if they could add some webbing on the flap to accommodate a bedroll.
Review by Mike (Posted on 1/21/2014)
Great Backpack
I have had the backpack for about a year. Holds a lot, comfortable, all around great product. I bike to the store so the large capacity is nice. I have been caught in heavy rains and the contents stay dry.

I get a lot of compliments and people asking where they can buy it.
Review by Ed (Posted on 7/16/2013)
Great hauling bag,
School books, groceries, Christmas trees, tents...this bag has helped me bike home a lot of things any other bag would have forced me to leave. However, it's straps are stiff and set too wide for my shoulders (I'm 5'7, medium build), and hangs too low with no real adjustment ability. The padding in the straps is sinking, too. Now in its 6th month of daily use, I can barely stand to carry a load a long way in it. I wish it were more comfortable for my lunch + binders + laptop daily school load, but I think i'll have to try out a more casual bag and save this one for special trips where carrying capacity is more important than comfort Review by Lawrence (Posted on 1/30/2011)
exp/looks like it might be bulky
it might be alright for an adult but what about a small teen,it appears to be bulky if fully loaded Review by sgt hoot (Posted on 7/30/2010)
Great re-issue fo the old Nessmuk pack
This is a beautiful interpretation of a great traditional pack design --- just like the pack that Nessmuk used as he canoed around the Adirondacks. It's fun to use for that reason alone. This pack is just the right size for a well-equipped day-hike, a day-long backcountry fishing excursion, or a well planned Scout- or bushcraft overnighter. Like most Duluth packs, it holds more than you think it's going to.
One of the other reviewers mentioned some initial irritation from the shoulder straps/buckles. I don't discount that concern, as I have encountered it with some other packs, but I didn't with my Guide pack. So, it may be a matter of body type and shape. As I do with my Rambler pack, I stick a soft folding canoe or camp chair right inside the back. It helps the pack keep its shape and prevents anything hard or sharp from sticking into your back. And then, no matter where you are, you have a comfortable & dry sit-upon.
This would be a perfect pack for a Scout leader, or a nice gift for an Eagle Scout or Explorer. I've had mine only about six months, but I absolutely love it. The padded leather shoulder straps are a nice step up from the canvas webbing straps, and seem very durable.
Love the pockets, too.
Review by GrowUp-DaveyBoy (Posted on 4/29/2010)
I take it everywhere.
When I opened the box, it was exactly what I had imagined, until I put it on. The buckles at the bottom of the straps, dug into my ribs. I knew that they were going hurt me, but I was still surprised at how much. After my first three mile snowshoe trip I didn’t ever want to see the thing again. It was OK to wear with a heavy coat, so I kept taking it on trips, hoping it would break in. It didn’t seem to me that there was anything that was going to make those buckles become comfortable. I wore the pack around the house doing chores for three months, and I gradually noticed the pain had changed to an irritation. Even though it is a great pack, if it is irritating to wear, it is not going to get worn. I stayed with it, and at about month four, it suddenly became completely comfortable. Now I love it.
On a recent trip to Arches, I had a fellow hiker comment that it was the kind of pack Lewis and Clark might have had. I enjoy the obvious sold construction and the classic style.
It belongs out of doors, and if that is where I am, it’s with me. I don’t even notice it back there. It has almost become a part of me.
Review by Old hiker (Posted on 4/4/2010)
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