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You'll feel the heritage behind this traditional voyageur pack. The Scout is a scaled down canoe pack originally thought-up by a Fashion Editor for the New York Times, and a long-time Duluth Pack fan. This ruggedly simplistic backpack takes you from the trail to the sidewalk. Perfect for day hikes, your commute, cycling, school, and everyday.

  • Traditional envelope style for a surprisingly spacious interior with minimal bulk.
  • Inner hang pocket for easy access to small items.
  • Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
  • Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.

A consistent press favorite.

Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews (26)
Excellent pack!
i finally purchased my first Duluth pack,a brown Scout pack mainly to use it at my day hunting trips for small game.The pack is awesome!The construction is great!very well made! I keep a water bottle with a cup,first aid kit,a poncho,three tent stakes,30ft paracord,back up knife,keys,hunting licence,two bandanas,a bag with trail mix,coffee sticks,a spoon and few extra shells.And there is more room left...
Thank you for offering such quality products!Now i have to think what will be my next pack...
Review by George (Posted on 9/23/2016)
best purchase ever!
This bag is one of my favorite possessions and has come in handy for travel, babysitting, school, adventuring, and everyday use. It can be a bit large sometimes, but overall, the size is wonderful and I love the fact that it doesn't look ridiculous when it's mostly empty - it can be carried as a purse to most places. I would recommend this bag to anyone, and the quality is amazing. Review by sophia (Posted on 9/1/2016)
Mostly fabulous
Short version of a long story is this:

I saw the tangerine scout pack online, and the stitching matched the canvas. What I got in the mail had BLACK stitching and looked, IMO, like heck... Wrote a long note, sent it back, they said that for whatever reason, their boss-type people have changed the thread colors (NO!!!!!) but they would sew me a new tangerine one with the light tan color they had now. Well, I took it. And then I ordered a loden green one, too! That "olive drab" is dark enough you don't see the dark thread so much not matching. Also the original was not well-sewn; apparently there was a sewer issue that is no longer an issue....

Problem with these is they are stitched from the inside out -- so yo see every prick and teeny tiny tear in the canvas fiber where the needle comes through for each stitch. I have an Orvis backpack (gorgeous -- rarely gets used, too big) and the stitching is immaculate. I WISH the scout pack were the same, and I'd pay more money for that, too. I really dislike that. And I loathe the black stitching on the lighter colors. Match the danged thread!

As it is, I have a little brain issue with organization, and I discovered that I can use the Scout Pack as a "bag of bags" - now my essentials for skin care, med, etc in one small bag inside, a trauma kit in another silnylon bag inside, and my pens/ink in a Knock Co rollup inside, etc: when I need to change bags, I take which ever of the small bags I need and drop them in the next bag/briefcase/knapsack.

The straps are comfortable -- if you find them hitting your side, just slightly twist them or move them and they'll find a better "lie."

The bag, for me, is perfect size: I can carry 7x10" paper notebooks, my iPad (could fit the 13" laptop as well), my several bags, a Nalgene water bottle or coffee thermos, hard sided glasses case, rolled-up thin weather shell... when flying to/from Denver earlier this year, I clipped a silnylon flat bag to the outside -- when going through security, emptied pockets into that bag, send the whole Scout Pack w/hanging bag thing through, and it was easy to replace items into pockets on the way to the gate. The whole bag fit right under the seat in front of me and left plenty of room for my feet, and it was easy to get things out of it in flight.

It's not so big that I wind up overstuffing it and hurting myself, either, which is what I am wont to do. That's why most of my knapsacks stay in the closet and I use one of my two Scout Packs for daily carry of anything and everything. Yes I go to meetings with it. I am thinking of getting it in black or navy blue (with black leather please?) for "dress" occasions.

So - the tangerine is for hiking in the woods and not getting shot, or for distracted/disorganized days when I might leave a bag behind; the green for usual carry; and....we'll see!

The customer service was above and beyond what I had hoped for. The pack(s) functionally are absolutely exactly what I needed. The aesthetics could be a bit better, but -- that's not what they were made for, I guess.

Review by sbg (Posted on 8/26/2016)
I have had my scout for two years of rough use and they are incredible! Its my every day bag from commuting to work or wherever they day takes me, to outdoor adventures. Not to long ago I laid down my bike and took a 75yard slide on it in the rain down a wet road. With a little more character then before my scout is with me whenever I leave the house. Thank you so much for making such awesome gear Duluth! Review by Gator (Posted on 10/10/2015)
Great bag!
I finally bought this bag after months and months of wanting one. It is such a great bag and I have used it way more than I thought I would. I love the quality and I know it will get me through all of my outdoor adventures.. Hiking, biking, hunting, canoeing. I even use it as a diaper bag sometimes when I only need to bring a few things for a quick trip somewhere with my daughter. It looks great and is the perfect size. Buy this bag!!! Review by NorthwoodsJess (Posted on 6/30/2015)
Amazing Pack
This pack is amazing. The build quality of it is unmatched. It is just the right size for an everyday pack. The Duluth Scout Pack is extraordinary! Review by MDogz (Posted on 4/26/2015)
Great little Pack But
Need Sternum (Chest Strap) if you have Large Chest and Traps but otherwise a GREAT LITTLE PACK Review by Macwa (Posted on 1/13/2015)
faultless in every way
i walk everyday, some days all day, city and woods, 30-40 miles a week. the scout has proven to be the perfect size for essentials (sweater, rain shell, hat, gloves, big water bottle, lunch, sunglasses,book, little stuff) and you still have room to over pack it if you buy anything or need to carry a change of clothes or whatever. the inside pocket is brilliant, i like that its inside, still easy to get at but secure, and if you forget to zip it anything that falls out is still in the bag not on the trail 5 miles back. the flat envelope shape keeps the pack sitting tight to your back empty or full. killer craftsmanship and materials, it was comfortable out of the box. couldnt be happier with the thing. Review by pedestrian (Posted on 1/11/2015)
Great Scout Pack for EDC!
I bought my first DP pack from a private sale; the pack was never used and in pristine condition, but it looked brand new from the factory. The workmanship is excellent! I love the thick canvas, thick leather and the riveting. I use this for daily work commutes and it holds a surprising amount of essentials including my lunch. Since this is my first non-synthetic unstructured pack, it took a few tries to pack it just right so that it remained balanced. I get nothing but compliments on the Black pack I wear. Since buying this great pack, I’ve opted to again buy (private sale) an unused Scoutmaster Pack in waxed canvas that will do well with my daily commutes to school and to later haul gear while I’m on the road training. Customer care is great! I asked about caring for my pack since I didn’t receive tags and was advised with a lot of information. Great product, great customer care, and thanks, Nicole, I love my first DP pack :)
Review by IzzysMom (Posted on 2/23/2014)
Forever backpack!
After obsessing about this bag for a year, I finally bought it. I get comments on it all the time. It's great for biking to the bar, I don't feel like such a dork now. It goes with all of my clothes. I just love it. Review by RS (Posted on 10/25/2013)

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