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Made in America
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We took our immensely popular Rambler Pack and scaled it down. In the process we created a super functional day pack with European flair. A roomy, top-loading compartment cinches shut with a drawcord. Topflap secures with two leather straps and roller buckles. Side pockets are spacious enough for a quart water bottle. Need easy access to your binoculars, point-and-shoot camera, wallet, keys, sunscreen or bug dope? Simply unbuckle the handy front pocket. (All this stuff actually fits in the front pocket!) Web shoulder straps.

Made in USA.

This pack was featured in the NBC show Love in the Wild.
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Customer Reviews (61)
Great pack
In 1979 I was introduced to the Duluth packs while at a canoe camp on lake Temagami. Anyone who has spent a large amount of time in the woods understands that your pack is not just for hauling some gear.Over time it becomes a part of you. I have owned Duluth packs since 1980 I have slept on them, jammed firewood in them, carried rocks, water, and even a dog in them. Even after all this the pack comes back for more. With that said, I wanted a smaller pack for day hikes and one nighters. The Wanderer is just about perfect. I have taken it on a few trips and it is breaking in just perfectly. The materials are top notch and it feels great. If you are even a little bit concerned about the price, remember this pack will last you a lifetime and it's made in America! Highly recommended. Thanks Duluth. Review by pete (Posted on 3/28/2012)
I just wait to the good weather to travel vith this bag
I LOVE IT!just amazing but a little expensiv with all costs become it $390 (Vaxed Canvas)to Norway.(shipping $70 and Norwegian toll$100But I have some bag i very happy with !Thank you Duluth Pack Review by Akos from Norway (Posted on 3/4/2012)
Awesome pack
Bought mine in waxed canvas over a year ago. Numerous trips to the cabin and out of town trips for work and still just like new. No zippers or snaps to break just old fashioned quality straps and buckles keep everything snug and secure. Great product no complaints. Review by DA (Posted on 2/23/2012)
Great pack for most uses!
I’ve owned the Wanderer since 2007, abusing it as my field pack for work and carrying it as my “man-bag” almost daily. I’ve taken this bag with me nearly every day of the past five years, worn it for 16+ hours at a time with 20+ lbs in it, and have used it in all four seasons in northern Minnesota. It’s been stepped on, slammed in doors, dragged through the mud and over rocks and between trees, submerged, frozen, dropped, thrown, and barfed on (I have young kids).
The cotton canvas is a great material. It’s durable, quiet, comfortable to wear in the hot summer, dries quickly when wet, and is easy to wash. The only wear on the pack is slight fraying of the shoulder straps, and a dime-sized hole on the outside of one of the outer water bottle pockets. (Where the water bottles in the pack rub against trees). In rain, the contents of the pack stay dry, to mostly dry. The stitching, leather straps, leather cinch cord, rivets, and buckles have also held up perfectly. The cotton has faded, but that’s to be expected.
It’s a good-sized day pack. The pack will easily hold all my field gear for a day’s work (lunch, water bottles, camera, GPS, maps, flagging, tools, foldable shovel, field notebook, field guides, fleece vest, rain jacket, etc.). Any clothing items that don’t fit in the main compartment can be rolled up, tucked under the main flap, and secured with the long straps. Shoulder straps can be lengthened to accommodate larger winter jackets, or shortened to wear shirtless. The outer bottle pockets add width to the pack and sometimes make it difficult to squeeze between trees (or between people at a grocery store), but it’s usually not an issue.
--This pack has an unpadded back, and bulky/pointy items (field notebooks, equipment, tools, etc.) should be packed deliberately between soft items (or on the outside of the cargo pocket) to maximize the user’s comfort for extended use. Sometimes I find myself packing an extra article of clothing with which to pad equipment…not a big deal, but sometimes annoying at the end of a long day. A flat “map” pocket built in the main cargo pocket (on the strap-side of the pack) could be used for holding padding. (If a back pad was included that could double as a diaper-changing pad , it’d get super bonus points…)
--This pack is not particularly suited to carrying heavy weight for long periods of time. For most users, this may not be an issue, but a waist belt and pack stays (to transfer pack weight from the shoulders to the hips/waist) might be a welcome modification for those that carry heavy loads for long periods of time. A sternum strap might also be nice…
--This pack might benefit from some strategicially-placed leather patches on areas that are likely to receive heavy wear or repeated abrasion. (Bottom of pack, bottom of water bottle pockets)
Overall, the Wanderer is a super daypack for most users/uses, with quality materials and workmanship and a very nice style. Those looking for a pack to carry weightier or bulkier items may want to look to a more modern pack, or petition Duluth Pack for some upgrades. :-) This pack is worth the cost, and I love supporting local business. Thanks, Duluth Pack!
Review by D (Posted on 2/3/2012)
Bound for Budapest
This backpack is amazing! Strong and sturdy, check. Amazing construction and attention to detail, check! Great in inclement weather, check! Comfortable straps and very roomy, check! I took this pack to The Lakes District in England on a camping trip for three weeks in 2006. I was able to fit all of my sundries and clothes, and extra pair of shoes, along with some music and books and two water bottles in this pack. Mind you I roll thing military style, however it holds a lot! I am ordering my second since I gifted my first to my husband! Can't wait to receive it and head off to Hungary! Review by gypsygirl (Posted on 9/30/2011)
Love the pack
Received this as a gift. Love it! It weathered Yosemite during the rainy season without a hitch! Good times ahead! Review by rsy6 (Posted on 8/6/2011)
Travels through Brazil
This is an exceptional pack. There is a lot of attention to detail as far as the construction of this pack goes. I took this pack for a month long excursion to Brazil and it held up great. It rode with me on the buses, and metro stations, it tagged along through hours and hours of navigating downtown Rio de Janeiro, it survived being kicked along an several airport floors... It handled the trip just fine. This pack will accompany me throughout all of my travels, and I'm sure it will hold up just fine. Good job Duluth Pack! Review by World Traveler (Posted on 7/5/2011)
Fantastic Pack
my pack came in this week. I was informed when i ordered that it could take up to 7 weeks for the bag, but it came in just less than three weeks. Every aspect of this bag shows craftsmanship and superb materials. well worth the price, and completely made in USA. i cant wait to take it to the camp or on my next bushcrafting weekend.

thank you for your excellent products and great customer service.
Review by Don (Posted on 6/22/2011)
Great Pack!!!
I finally got my Wanderer today. It took nearly 7 weeks to get it (which is my only complaint), but it was worth the wait. Very well designed and made and I'm so glad I got the waxed canvas. It exceeded my expectations. Shoulder straps are comfortable and the pack rides up along my shoulder blades instead of low and saggy like lots of other packs I've owned. I'm using mine as a bushcraft/hunting pack. All my basic survival equipment fits and plenty of extra stuff for those long days in the field chasing elk and deer around. I got tired of the the modern tactical look of all my gear, but wanted something that was still built as well as my mil-spec stuff. This pack definitely fit the bill. Thanks for building such a great product and thanks for supporting the American worker by making it in the good ol' U.S.A.!!! Review by David (Posted on 2/8/2011)
An old friend
It's fun to walk into a camping area and have the other hiker's ask, where did you get that pack. Over the year's, I've directed several your way. Thank you for a great product. Mine has had years of use. Every time I put it on, it's like getting a hug from an old friend. Review by Duke (Posted on 1/19/2011)

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