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We took our immensely popular Rambler Pack and scaled it down. In the process we created a super functional day pack with European flair. A roomy, top-loading compartment cinches shut with a drawcord. Topflap secures with two leather straps and roller buckles. Side pockets are spacious enough for a quart water bottle. Need easy access to your binoculars, point-and-shoot camera, wallet, keys, sunscreen or bug dope? Simply unbuckle the handy front pocket. (All this stuff actually fits in the front pocket!) Web shoulder straps.

Made in USA.

This pack was featured in the NBC show Love in the Wild.
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Customer Reviews (61)
I lost track of how many brands of small-to-medium packs I accumulated, looking for the perfect ONE bag. I think I've found it in the Wanderer.

It's my woodland "photo bag," with whatever extra clothes I have along serving as padding for the cameras. The several pockets nicely isolate water bottle, GPS, and whatever else I chose to take along that morning.

I hate to use the word "perfect," but the Wanderer might just be the one bag that comes closest to deserving the title.
Review by bobc (Posted on 7/19/2010)
Great Hunting BAg
For years I used an old Army canvas backpack for deer hunting. When it finally wore out I wanted a good canvas pack. The Wanderer is Perfect. It holds everything I need to travel in the woods by foot or canoe, and to shoot my flintlock rifle. Review by pjwood (Posted on 7/19/2010)
Awesome bag!
I bought this bag about 5 years ago and it has been all over the country with me. It has held up wonderfully. People have commented on it in almost every city I've had it in! I LOVE this bag!!! Review by Big Mike (Posted on 7/15/2010)
Great for over-nighters!
I got this pack six months ago and love it. It's the perfect size for a one night or weekend getaway into the woods. Review by gavin (Posted on 7/15/2010)
Fantastic Pack
I have used this pack for field archaeology every day for the past 4 years, and have put it through more abuse and use than any other bag has ever held up through, and the Wanderer hasn't hardly flinched. co-workers have gone through 3 or 4 bags in the time since I have picked it up. It fits a nicely equipped first aid kit in the front pocket as well as water bottles and various do-dads in the sides. The strap closer allows for tossing a tarp or coat under the flap for quick, easy access without having to open the whole bag up, and they will not blow out in the middle of a trip the way zippers can when they get dirty or worn out, or if you overload a bag. All in all a wonderful pack!! Review by Charlie (Posted on 7/14/2010)
its a canoe pack
fit my loaded wanderer in my portage pack with my tent ,sleeping bag, bedroll, camp chair, and other gear. after the portage and camp setup the wanderer went up in the bow of the canoe with everything i needed for fishing. binoculars, camera, sweater, raingear, you name it. great pack for canoe camping. Review by buck (Posted on 7/8/2010)
don't use with laptops and hard-cover books!
I purchased a Wanderer in Nov. 2005. I'd been using it as a daily carry, though I often skip bringing a backpack all together. Lasted a total of three years being used approx. every other day to carry loads of 15 lbs or less. Pack ended up busting through completely along one of the bottom seams while carrying my laptop. I was definitely not a happy camper, as you can imagine. In the three years I was using the pack, the join between a shoulder strap and the bag had begun to wear and rip, eventually making it completely unusable.

In addition to the reliability problems the bag also has ergonomic problems, at least when being worn by me. This is especially the case when significantly full; when half full of clothes it bulges out. Even when carefully packed, the pack ends up riding really high. These factors make it a pretty uncomfortable pack to wear for most any length of time.

My recommendation is to stick with DP's more traditional packs for portaging and products by other manufacturer's for backpacks and day packs. The zippered day pack holds up a lot better, at the expense of ~10 L.
Review by Aaron (Posted on 6/8/2010)
fits inside a #4 duluth pack
a great day pack that fits in your canoe pack. once the portage is over and camp is set up, this baby goes back in the canoe. convenient for quetico. Review by hugh (Posted on 4/2/2010)
Best general-use bag of any kind I've ever owned
I'm a bag whore. I own more pieces of luggage - bags, totes, suitcases, backpacks, duffles - than anyone could ever justify, even as a frequent traveler and outdoor enthusiast. This is my favorite, bar none. Weekend at Mom and Dad's? Easy. Business trip? Couple changes of clothes, toothbrush, laptop, and a book. Done. Commuter? Everything for the work day plus a stop at the market on the way home. Oh yeah, and camping. Absolutely gorgeous pack that will likely never wear out and subtly says "I can handle anything because my priorities are correct." Aces all around - can't recommend it highly enough. Review by Matt (Posted on 3/30/2010)
This backpack can do it all.
I use this pack on a variety of camping trips and it has always fulfilled my needs whatever they may be. It is comfortable and very stylish to wear. i wouldn't trade anything for my wanderer pack. Review by Brian (Posted on 3/27/2010)

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