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Candy Bar Bike Bag

Made in America
6 Review(s)
This bag is perfect for keeping all your small necessities handy. It can easily hold a water bottle or two, pair of gloves, extra pair of socks, or anything else you think you might need. Designed to fit on your bikes handle bars.

Bike Courtesy of Stewarts Bike & Sports, Duluth, MN -

  • Durable 15oz Canvas
  • Leather straps with roller buckle attachment
  • D-rings on sides to attach optional strap
  • Leather lash tabs on back
  • 4.5"H X 12"L X 4.5"W
  • 312.5 cubic inches
SKU: Z-102

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Customer Reviews (6)
Great bag, but double wrap straps
This is a high quality bag. The reason it did not get 5 stars is that I had to wrap the strap twice around the bar in order to get it tight enough not to sag. Extra wholes and a smaller buckle would have been better. Review by Richard (Posted on 10/8/2015)
Fantastic purchase I won't regret.
I recieved this a few days ago and I'm really pleased with..actually estastic. I'm going to use it for when I want to carry a patch kit and tubes and snacks, but not carry a large pannier with me. During my normal riding I use it injunction to may pannier to keep things like my camera, phone and snacks close while I carry larger things in back. It comes off really easily when needed. It looks extremely classy and is really well made. The photos on here don't do it justice. It's not as round as in the photos. I think it's stuffed with paper or etc in those photos. On the bike has a more square shape similar to most other handlebar bags. Now that I have this I want more Duluth Pack bike gear...given this is so beautiful. I'm gonig to try and get a strap so I can throw snacks and etc. in it and use it as something light to carry when hiking. Review by Benjamin (Posted on 8/13/2015)
Very,Very pleased !
Materials and Craftsmanship are first rate, everything about this bag is great. I would only ask for one thing more ! After the leather passes threw the buckle it would have been nice, if you could pass it threw a little leather loop. In looking across your product line, this seems to be a regular omission . I would have paid the difference, I am a hard cookie to please, but you get 4.75 out of 5. Review by John (Posted on 6/24/2013)
This is a great little bag for stuffing a spare tube, patch kit, mulit tool, or whatever. It's big enough to fit a hat and gloves, but small enough to not feel bulky. It has become a permanent fixture on my bike. Review by Fredachi (Posted on 12/8/2012)
Love this bag
Great look, nice construction. I wish the zipper pulls were more substantial. They can fall out. Review by MfromMinneapolis (Posted on 9/8/2011)
When I opened the box, the aroma of fine craftsmanship filled my senses. This is one fine pack. The construction is top notch. It fits perfectly & stylishness on my 1978 Peugeot Steel Lugged bike. I suspect it will only get better with time. Review by Oggypop (Posted on 1/4/2011)
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