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Banana Bike Bag

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This Banana Bike Bag is your new biking companion! Designed with a slight curve, just like a banana, to fit under your bike seat. Perfect for carrying a sandwich, keys, wallet, and few extras to get you through the day. Removable plastic inserts in front and back give the bag its shape. Grommets on sides to cinch under the top if you have it too full. Complete with leather lashings, leather straps, and brass buckles. Available in Olive Drab only. All other colors made to order.
Measures 11H x 6W (tapers to 3W) x 4.5D (inches)
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Customer Reviews (3)
I love this not-so-little seat bag. The quality is completely top notch. I primarily commute to work an this guy handles all of my stuff easily. I was a bit worried when I got it because I wasn't sure that the bag closed tight enough - I thought stuff might fall out. After a summer of use, that has not happened... And it still looks brand new. I love it and I'm glad I invested in it. The last seat bag I will ever need. Review by Karl Hungus (Posted on 8/31/2013)
So Rad
Saddle bags for the most part are these micro size compact pouches that inevitably barely fit anything but the most sleek bike tool. Not this one. I comfortably fit three 16 oz tallboy cans of PBR into this sucker. I fit my digital SLR camera (in a dry bag) in here. There's a time and a place for lightweight compactness and then there's a time for carrying just about everything but the kitchen sink (winter rides, picnics, and parties). For those who want to bring more than a spare tube and multi-tool say hello to your new best friend; The banana bag. Review by Fredachi (Posted on 12/8/2012)
Stylish and versatile seat bag
I have this on my commuter bike so I can haul my keys, wallet, pager, and lunch (plus a spare tube, tire levers, and multitool) to work without messing around with a backpack. Paperwork & magazines will fit into it with one fold. Big enough to haul most things you'd wanna take with you, but not too bulky. Review by Timm (Posted on 7/19/2012)
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