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Gransfors Broad Axe 1900

Gransfors Broad Axe 1900

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The pattern of the Broad Axe and the handle is based on old Swedish logging techniques for squaring logs and structural timber of all kinds. There is sufficient space between the "blade's beard" and the handle for the user's fingers. Beveled on two sides (double beveled) or on one side, left or right. The eye (and the direction of the handle) may be straight or angled sideways, right or left, to protect the knuckles. One side beveled, left side, normally goes with an eye angled to the right. If you want deeper visible cuts when squaring logs, you can use a broad axe, double beveled, with the blade bent and the eye angled to the right or to the left. 19" long, weighs about 3 1/2 lbs.

Gransfors Bruks axes are forged by professional blacksmiths that take great time and effort in their trade. The proof of this professionalism is in the way they are able to forge axes with such precision and beauty. There is no need to stone, grind, smooth or paint the axes in order to eliminate imperfections. At Gransfors Bruks, the forging crafter is allotted sufficient time to complete each axe or hatchet with the care necessary. The smiths do their best forging right from the beginning in order to produce the finest axes and hatchets in the world.
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Gransfors Bruks makes the most excellent axes you will ever own. I have six of Gransfors axes of different types, filling different roles (forest, carpenter, carving, Scandinavian forest, double bit etc...) all of which I find impressive in form, function, and craftsmanship. When I purchased one of the 1900 Broad axes, about 4 or so years ago, Id found an axe that is my go to for about any woodsman "or" camping chore I need to get done (excluding taking down large trees).Always use the right tool for the task. This Broad axe fits my hand well and completes the task perfectly, is well balanced, and performance exceeds my expectations. All of the Gransfors axes that I have purchased are sharp, and finished well. I have never had a regret with a Gransfors product. Always the best, right out of the box or off of the purchase rack. Review by Squire Rusticus (Posted on 3/31/2015)
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