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Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on December 8, 2012):
I gave this a 4/5 because, while it is a fantastic bag, there were a few flaws in the design that (if improved) would make this one of the best bags out there.

The good and great!
- Waterproof lining, best idea ever for a messenger bag. I've taken this in rain and snow and all of the contents are safe and secure.
- the expand/compressible interior, great for hauling just a computer or notebooks or expanding to fit rain gear, lunch, textbooks, you name it. Great idea and works fantastically.

Downsides and Improvements:
- needs a top carry handle.
- I'd like one of the internal compartments to have a zipper, things don't fall out of the bag when it is closed, but I would like the extra layer of security.
- an external zippered document compartment. I had a bag once that had a small zippered compartment on the back, used it for directions, boarding pass, etc. I'd recommend that for future generations of this.

I can't comment on longevity because I have only had this for a semester, but it looks as solidly built as everything else here and it has held up great so far.