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Executive Portfolio

Executive Portfolio

Product Review (submitted on December 16, 2010):
I bought this bag for when I begin my clinical years in medical school--I wanted something more professional than a backpack, but I can't stand most briefcases out there. I love how "earthy" this bag is, and the deep olive green is such a great color. My wife loves the bag, and thinks it's definitely the "me" briefcase/bag out there. I have the feeling this bag will last a long time.

My only complaint about the bag is the bright gold brass fittings--I wish they would have had a more dull and antique finish, as I'm not of fan of the bright brass (too "flashy" for me). However, it didn't occur to me until after I ordered it that I could have asked Duluth Pack to change the type of fittings used--it's just so rare to run into a company who will modify their product for you personally, that it didn't even occur to me!