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Wool Blanket Shirt

Wool Blanket Shirt

Product Review (submitted on January 22, 2013):
I just received this shirt today and put it on over my other clothing. It fits very well and is very comfortable. I really like the buttons - quite a novelty. I got the shirt with the kangaroo pocket and was pleasantly surprised to find it has a full divider pocket inside between the main body and the outside pocket. That's going to come in VERY handy. In fact, I'm thinking of sewing up one side of it to the inside of the main body (so stitching won't show on the outside) to make a large storage pocket with one entrance/exit and then sewing in some "D" rings to attach equipment like small flashlight, ferroseum rod and pocket knife. Might fashion a small internal pocket as well for items like ID and lighter. This is a wonderful, well constructed, WARM, functional, even pleasing to look at shirt. It's also not as scratchy as I expected it to be and actually a bit on the soft side.

It's not as cold here in Western Washington as it is on the East Coast or the Midwest, but lately has been at freezing. I've kept the heat in the house low to try and save on the heating bill. The energy I'm saving is about to pay for the cost of the shirt - which BTW is well worth its cost!

Since this doesn't have women's sizing, just for you ladies I wear a size 18-20 and got the XL. I was concerned the dimensions would fit funny, but they don't. It's not too baggy, loose or tight anywhere and definitely layers well.