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Pathfinder Pack

Pathfinder Pack

Product Review (submitted on June 14, 2013):
Most of my issued gear is Cordura, a fake canvas-esque material. It's not bad, but it simply cannot stand up to the rigors of true Canvas!

This pack is incredible. Firstly, it's much larger than it looks. I can fit ALL of my backpacking gear plus a pillow on top and I still have a little bit of room. The side pouches are sizable and, in case you're wondering, do fit an older style military canteen and canteen cup/stove with about 3 inches to spare. The Map-flap is a great addition!

My one problem is no handle on top. I would like to see that integrated. Also, 4 more lashing point on top might not be bad either!

But, as is, this pack is by far the best quality pack you'll use in your life! It's more than just a pack; it's an heirloom you can pass on to your kids!