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Short Bedroll

Short Bedroll

Product Review (submitted on June 30, 2013):
This product is worth every dime. I recently received mine in waved canvas and the craftsmanship is unbeatable. This roll will literally last you the rest your life!

Ultra heavy duty, well designed and thought out, and supremely well crafted. A tad on the heavy side, so I don't suggest it for lighter people or for light or ultralight backpackers. Would be perfect for mounted expeditions or for vehicle camping.

Or, if you're old fashioned like me, it's worth the extra weight to have a sleeping system/ Bivvy sack/ rain tarp/ lean-to/ all-in-one campsite on you pack!

In warm climate, you can run it without any sleeping system inside, just you and the canvas. Mine has straps long enough to add in an inflatable mat inside the mat compartment as well as a US Army wool blanket, though it's a little on the worn thin side. It still rolls and straps to the bottom of my pack.

Overall, excellent product, would recommend(actually did) to friends and family.