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The Domer #100 Deluxe Shell Bag

The Domer #100 Deluxe Shell Bag

Product Review (submitted on December 31, 2013):
I love my Domer bag. I get compliments everywhere I use it and when I tell them it is a piece of Minnesota history, it only makes them love it more. The quality is high: stitching is tough and smooth, the leather is gorgeous and durable, the size is great for everything I carry (including my netbook), and the fabric is great. Rain and snow wipe right off and keep the inside dry. I spilled my coffee down the front flap and it wiped right off with no staining. My dog walked over it with dirty paws and it wiped off. I can finally have a bag that isn't black and not worry too much about it getting dirty.

I have not attempted to use my bag under a heavy snowfall, so I make no guarantees that it will not collapse... ;-).