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#51 Utility Pack - Canoe Pack

#51 Utility Pack - Canoe Pack

Product Review (submitted on June 25, 2014):
Cheers to the Duluth folks! I spent some talking with them - I'm 6'4" tall and barrel chested - and we added some extra length on my web straps and I also knew I wanted a grab handle so we added that too.

This pack has been to ball games, bike rides, ATV and Dirt Bike rides, and even on my Harley. It's been on countless canoe trips and is the first pack hanging by the door that I grab for anything.

I keep a seat cushion wrapped in the pack liner bag in the pack - it serves as a barrier to the back on sharp objects and gives the bag some shape too when it's not loaded full - as it's often not.

I use a variety of smaller bags in a bag concept - fire kit, personal survival kit, urban get around kit, etc...and throw in whatever smaller bags compliment that days activity.

I've tried other bags and I keep coming back to the simplicity of this bag. It's been dumped in rivers and streams - it's been covered in mud and probably a little blood - it never fails to clean up simply and after a day of hanging to dry looks almost like new.

I treated my straps and the round Duluth logo patch immediately and keep them treated - they get much darker but I like that and they are soft as butter all the time and probably will never crack if I keep them treated.

Great pack - we have some old Duluth packs from the 30's and 40's in our family...I imagine this one will be passed on well after I am gone too.