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Sportsman's Garment Bag

Sportsman's Garment Bag

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2012):
I purchased this bag in brown, because I wanted this to match my other luggage at home. My hopes weren't too high, given the color on this website.

I was wrong. I took this item out of box (where it had been thoroughly wrapped as protection), and I could only say wow. The color of the canvass, the leather, and the interior fabric, were all very rich, quite appealing.

I was impressed with all the details that went into this item. For instance, the metal hook you can use to hang up the garment bag? It has its own pouch. Do you know how many times the hook on my old garment bag used to snag on me or otherwise grab onto something you didn't want it to?

I am in awe of this item. It is a soldly crafted, beautiful piece of luggage which looks like I can get decades of use from, However, the one feature I wish it did have (but didn't--or at least it didn't appear to during my inspection) would be some sort of interior locking hook/rod for you to put your hangers on. Yes, the bungee thing looks like it will work, but I'll have to practice with it a few times first to be sure.