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Product Review (submitted on June 8, 2010):
I purchased a Wanderer in Nov. 2005. I'd been using it as a daily carry, though I often skip bringing a backpack all together. Lasted a total of three years being used approx. every other day to carry loads of 15 lbs or less. Pack ended up busting through completely along one of the bottom seams while carrying my laptop. I was definitely not a happy camper, as you can imagine. In the three years I was using the pack, the join between a shoulder strap and the bag had begun to wear and rip, eventually making it completely unusable.

In addition to the reliability problems the bag also has ergonomic problems, at least when being worn by me. This is especially the case when significantly full; when half full of clothes it bulges out. Even when carefully packed, the pack ends up riding really high. These factors make it a pretty uncomfortable pack to wear for most any length of time.

My recommendation is to stick with DP's more traditional packs for portaging and products by other manufacturer's for backpacks and day packs. The zippered day pack holds up a lot better, at the expense of ~10 L.