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#2 Cruiser Combo - Canoe Pack

#2 Cruiser Combo - Canoe Pack

Product Review (submitted on November 13, 2008):
Being an owner of a Duluth #4 heavy duty pack, I wanted a smaller pack to both complement the #4 and as a versatile option to cover many bases.

It would require to be a large daysack with ample space in the side pockets to accomodate the larger Thermos and Stanley flasks. I'd require it to carry blankets, a tarp and double as overnight camp pack as well as store all the essentials babies seem to need these days.

It fulfils all my needs and more. Incredibly well built as all Duluth packs are and with professional looks that you just know will get the job done. This pack is as much at home full of baby paraphenalia in the back of my car as it is in my 16ft wooden open canoe on weekend trip round a Scottish Loch. Or even a simple picnic jaunt through the countryside.

Made with traditional materials and traditional values which is a real tonic in today's modern lifestyle. And talking of children, I'll be handing this pack down to mine. Could you say the same of a modern nylon, techno-fabric rucksack? Hmmmm....