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Traveler's Portfolio

Traveler's Portfolio

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2010):
My grandfather carried this bag for many years and as an engineer and a very active man with many projects, he really beat the hell out it! Though it was worn and weathered, it was still completely functional when he gave it to me as a teenager (as he had received a shiny new one). And his raves about Duluth Pack products are what got me into them.

The worn look wasn't even bad, it gave it a nice distinction (Duluth Packs age well and just look cooler as you beat on them).

Now, as a 25 year old, this pack is still going strong. I've lost track of how old it is, but I'd hazard a guess of 15-20 years. Everything is holding up fine, aside from a few small holes in the canvas, near the top of the bag, which I was told could be patched. The structural integrity of the bag is unaffected and all the hardware is holding up fine, the leather bottom is really proving to be an invaluable feature as I'm sure a lesser bag would be without a bottom by now (as the canvas upper parts have hinted to).

Though I did not purchase this bag new, I was happy to find out that the warranty was still honoured. A great bag with a tough and useful design; it makes for a nice "briefcase" or school bag, very easy to keep things organized, more-so than a backpack, especially if you have a lot of drafting/writing utensils and papers). Its been a pleasure to own and a "guinea pig" that inspired me to purchase other Duluth Pack products.