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For the health and safety of our team, customers, and community members, Duluth Pack’s Flagship Retail Store and Manufacturing Facility will be temporarily closed until Monday, May 4th, unless noted otherwise. Our online store remains open, and we are continuing to take the highest measures to keep our working environment clean, sanitized, and safe. 

Duluth Pack is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the United States of America. We have continuously been in business since 1882. That is 138 years of employing hardworking Americans in our wonderful nation. We have survived the World Wars and The Great Depression. We are older than penicillin, the modern automobile, powered air flight, and sliced bread. We have not crumbled, and we refuse to. In these trying times, we ask for everyone to come together and support local, small, and Made in USA businesses like Duluth Pack. We're in this together.

As more people stay home, local businesses and Made in USA retailers like Duluth Pack need your support now more than ever. The coming weeks will be challenging for all of us. We are committed to working with our customers, corporate partners, government agencies, first responders, and communities at large to keep people safe and well. Thank you for your understanding, support, and loyalty to the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA.     

- From your friends and family at Duluth Pack