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Duluth Pack was born in the Northwoods and our bags have always been intended to be used outdoors, amongst all the mud, dirt, dust and sand you can find. If your Duluth Pack becomes soiled while accompanying you on an adventure, we recommend spot cleaning the trouble areas with our Canvas Cleaner.

It might go without saying, but please do not run your Duluth Pack through a washing machine.

Severe soiling (cat/dog urine, food/drink spills, caking with mud) may not be resolvable with the above-recommended spot cleaning methods, but we advise that you always attempt to hand clean the bag. Remember that damage incurred from mistreatment of your pack, including improper cleaning techniques, is not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.


To clean the canvas portions of your Duluth Pack products, we recommend spot cleaning the trouble areas with our Canvas Cleaner.

Please note that some stains cannot be removed fully from the canvas if they have set.

Please test the Canvas Cleaner in a discreet area of your pack to assure color fastness.

Spray canvas cleaner onto a damp white cloth or damp soft bristle brush. Use circular motions on the affected area until contaminants have been lifted. During this process, be careful not to wet leather components, as this can cause color bleeding onto the canvas.

Do not put your Duluth Pack products through a washing machine to clean.

This can cause irreparable damage to the leather components, and unwanted bleeding or damage to the canvas portions. If you have a wax bag, heavily scrubbing the bag may remove the wax.

Never use harsh chemicals or bleach on your bag as this can discolor and damage your bag.
Before storing your bag, confirm your bag is dry as mold and mildew can form in residence in cotton fibers.


Many of our bags are trimmed with or made completely of premium full grain leather. Normal dirt and water-based stains can be removed by applying our Leather Cleaner onto a sponge or soft bristle brush and then rubbing the affected area with circular motions. Treating your leather with our Leather Cream will help maintain its suppleness and prevent cracking. If you use or store your bag in a particularly dry area, apply the Leather Cream more frequently.
Neglected and cracked leather can be restored with our Leather Dressing. Of a similar composition to the Leather Cream, its runnier consistency is designed to deeply penetrate and restore moisture to severely damaged leather. Both the Leather Cream and Leather Dressing can be applied with a soft, white cloth, working the substance into the leather in circular motions until it appears to be completely saturated. For dry leather, you may let it soak in before rubbing with circular motions.


Our products were made to be used, not babied. In the event that your Duluth Pack manufactured product requires repair after years of faithful service, our team can restore it to its original glory. Send your item to:

Duluth Pack Repairs
1610 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55806

Complete the Repair Request form to the best of your ability and include it in your shipment. Shipping to our facility is the responsibility of the sender. We suggest using a shipping method that provides a tracking number to ensure the package arrives at our production facility safely. Once we have received your item, our repair team will thoroughly inspect it and contact you to discuss its restoration. Some of your repairs might be covered by our Lifetime Guarantee and could be repaired free of charge. Damage not covered by our guarantee can be repaired for a nominal fee.

If you happen to be in the Twin Ports, your bag can be dropped off at our Canal Park retail store at 365 Canal Park Drive here in Duluth, MN*.

Completely empty your products before returning them. Do not include any straps or accessories that are not in need of repair. Please thoroughly clean your products before returning them. Products returned to us uncleaned may be returned to the sender.

* Please keep in mind that our retail store staff will not be able to issue you a quote or discuss your repair with you at the time of drop off. You can expect a call from our repair team once they have inspected the bag.


Reach out to our Customer Support Team with any questions you may have about caring for your pack.