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Good Eats: Spiked Holiday Cider Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Spiked Holiday Cider Recipes

Whether you are staying home or visiting family for the holidays, we are here to help you find some yummy, festive alcoholic beverages for the adults to enjoy! All these recipes have an apple cider base and have a unique addition to each. These recipes are as diverse as it gets. From a classic spiked apple cider to an apple cider margarita, you have a variety of different options to choose from for your next holiday party! 
Good Eats: Homemade Apple Pie Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Homemade Apple Pie Recipes

With apple season in full bloom, we know you may have an overload of apples sitting around your house or even on your apple tree that is dropping apples faster than you can pick them. Luckily, we have recipes that will give you a variety of ideas of what to do with your apples. Apple pie may be the epitome of fall itself with its sweet flavors that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Many of you may claim to have “the best” apple pie recipe, and although that may be true, we hope you try some of our favorites!
Good Eats: Potato Soup Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Potato Soup Recipes

We are back with some more Good Eats recipes from Duluth Pack, this time focusing on one of our favorites, Baked Potato Soup. Potatoes themselves may be the epitome of comfort food and combining them into a savory soup recipe takes that title to a whole new level. With the temperature continuing to fall day by day, the desire for hot soup only rises. There is nothing quite like a batch of homemade soup on a crisp fall or blustery winter day. These baked potato soup recipes are sure to leave you feeling warm and satisfied this season.
Good Eats: Squash Soup Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Squash Soup Recipes

The season of comfort dishes is upon us, and soup is at the top of our list. When you think of comfort food, you may not think squash, but these recipes are here to change your mind. Not only is squash soup easy to make, but it is also a healthy addition to your menu. If you're looking to step up your Thanksgiving sides, try out some vegan recipes, or simply spice up your weekly menu, you’ve come to the right place. Squash soup is sure to impress your family and friends at the next gathering.
Good Eats: Fall Sangria Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Fall Sangria Recipes

Good Eats: Fall Sangria Recipes

The weather is getting colder, the air is getting crisper, and the leaves are beginning to change. Autumn marks the beginning of the annual holiday season, full of celebrations and quality time with friends and family. When coming together and enjoying your favorite aspects of fall, whatever that may be, you do not want to forget about the party refreshments. We have found 4 sangria recipes, each with a special twist, that will be the talk of any occasion you attend.  

From a caramel apple pie sangria recipe, to a fireball apple cider sangria, we are sure you will find that these recipes will fit a variety of personal preferences at any party!

Good Eats: Tater Tot Hotdish | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Tater Tot Hotdish

Nothing quite says a Midwest winter like Tater Tot Hotdish. A sense of comfort is brought to the table just hearing those words. Whether a crisp fall afternoon or a snowed-in winter night, this is the essential dish no matter what the occasion is. Tater Tot Hotdish is quick, inexpensive, and simple to make at home or at the cabin. Here are a few recipes ranging from simple and traditional to bold and unforgettable. Grab your utensils and let’s eat!
The History of Whiskey | Duluth Pack

The History of Whiskey

The History of Whiskey

Whiskey or as the Gaelic culture refers to it as the water of life. This beloved liquor is to have originated in the country of either Scotland or Ireland, which is still a murky argument between the two countries to this day. Moreover, the creation of whiskey dates back to the early 1500s. In America during and after the Revolutionary War, whiskey became a popular and profitable drink of choice for many Americans. During this time, whiskey was unique and different from all other liquors because of the ability to farm its main ingredient, corn, and the ability to mass-produce it within the 13 colonies. It has been said that whiskey was the backbone of the early US economy due to the significant consumption of the liquor by the American people. In fact, in the 1830s, the consumption per capita, per person, was astonishing. At its peak, the average American consumed about 1.7 bottles of whiskey per week or 88 bottles per year (US Whiskey Report). 

Good Eats: Tasty Duck Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Tasty Duck Recipes

Tasty Duck Recipes

Here is another Good Eats concept with Duluth Pack, and this time we are utilizing duck as our main source of protein. We discovered some delicious recipes that we are excited to share with you and cannot wait for you to try them out for ourselves and let us know what you think. Here is an assortment of different duck recipes for you, grab your apron, and let's get cooking.

Maple Syrup Meal Recipes | Duluth Pack

Maple Syrup Meal Recipes

Duluth Pack is back with another Good Eats concept and this time we are excited to share inspiration for some delicious maple syrup meal idea recipes. Whether you are craving a quick treat or different ways to implement the sweetness of maple syrup within your dinnertime meal, there are plenty of recipe suggestions for you. We recommend creating your own maple syrup and utilizing it within these meals. Here are some maple syrup recipe ideas brought to you by Duluth Pack. 
Good Eats: Pimento Cheese Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Pimento Cheese Recipes

We are back with another Good Eats concepts and recipes from Duluth Pack, and this time we are exploring pimento cheese and the different kinds of dips and meals that can incorporate this creamy, smoky, and delicious treat! We hope these recipes can give you some inspiration for flavorful appetizers or meals that give you an inclination to try out this summer! Listed below are multiple ways to create and enjoy pimento cheese dips, along with meal ideas that integrate and pimento cheese. Grab a glass of your favorite wine or a glass of your favorite brew that pairs well with cheese and let's get cooking.