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Hidden Gems: Lake Superior's South Shore: Cornucopia, WI | Duluth Pack

Lake Superior is synonymous with Duluth Pack as it has been our home base since 1882. So maybe you're wondering, what makes this area so unique? Why have we stayed here for so long? 


Duluth and the other incredible cities and towns that surround Lake Superior are what makes the North so memorable. With remarkable opportunities to get lost in the outdoors, Lake Superior is unlike any other, as it is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It has almost 3,000 miles of shoreline and holds many secrets that are truly hidden gems waiting to be found on your next adventure.  


Somewhere between Duluth, Minnesota, and Ashland, Wisconsin, down scenic HWY 13, lies a lesser-known area of Lake Superior called the South Shore. Here you can find sandy beaches, local fisheries, and fresh artesian wells all in the same place. Enter Cornucopia, WI, a quaint town found down the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway.

 (Scenic Byway photo via Lake Superior Magazine)

Settled on Lake Superior's Siskiwit Bay lies Cornucopia, better known as "Corny" by the locals. Home to the Northernmost Post Office and the Historic Ehlers General Store, which first opened in 1915. Corny has the atmosphere of a slow summer day, a stark contrast to fast-paced society and city life. Enjoy a cold bottle of Wisconsin-made Black Cherry Cream, or Kitty Cocktail flavored Point Soda, with a classic striped paper straw. As you walk across the wooden floorboards of the General Store, you will feel the nostalgia roll in.


The Northernmost Post Office still uses the same antique brass mail slots from years ago. When you enter, it makes you feel like you have stepped into a different era, while the friendly staff at the Ehlers General Store will make you feel like a local the second you step inside. Despite being one of the only spots in town where you can get goods, you will be happy you stopped! Here you can expect to find unique souvenirs, local foods, and an experience unlike anywhere else.

 (Halverson Fisheries photo via Flickr)

Across the highway, you will find the Cornucopia Harbor filled with multiple destinations all within a short walk of one another. The Cornucopia Harbor houses two separate marinas within it, the Bell Marina and Siskiwit Bay Marina, Inc. Halvorson Fisheries is a favorite fresh fish supplier for local folks and restaurants. Fresh loads of Whitefish, Lake Trout, and Salmon come in almost daily and is filleted and ready to be cooked the second you buy it. If you are a fan of smoked fish you can find it here as well, just don't forget your napkins!


The Green Shed Museum, located in the original harbor fish house, holds over 100 years of history including photographs, art, and antique fishing items. The old washed up fishing boats that sit on the shore are a testament to the town's past. One last destination to look at in the Harbor before you head over to the beach is the local boutique and art shops that fill the other old fishing buildings along the Marina.

 (Green Shed in 1930's photo via Bayfield County Historical Society) 

Last but not least, adjacent to the Harbor is Cornucopia Beach. As you head over, you will immediately hear a rushing of water along with the waves of Lake Superior. However, you will find that the rush of water is not coming from the lake but from an artesian well tucked underneath a gazebo near the parking lot. Here you can fill your bottle with an endless supply of fresh cold water straight from the spout that continually runs day and night. Be sure to visit the beach around the 4th of July, when Cornucopia hosts its annual fireworks show!

 (Cornucopia Beach photo via Pinterest)

Cornucopia without a doubt brings to life the ideal of small-town charm, capturing the hearts of anyone who travels there. Make your next trip a memorable and take some time to slow down in Cornucopia, WI.


October 19, 2019 by Duluth Pack