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Made in America | Duluth Pack

In recent years, “Made in America” has become a buzzword when purchasing items and marketing them. Here at Duluth Pack, we have been handcrafting our products in Duluth, Minnesota since 1882, making us the oldest canvas and leather bag manufacturer in the United States. We have never fallen for the buzz of these words, but instead, have always known the importance of them. They mean pride and heritage. Patented December 12th, 1882, we have been in continuous business for 137 years. Every time a pack is handcrafted, every time we see someone wearing a pack, and every time a pack heads to a new destination in the world, we feel a sense of honor. The products we create are more than just accessories to have. They are a story on their own, and in your hands, they’re a story waiting to happen.


We are incredibly proud of being able to say that we have been “Made in the USA” since our inception. It is not a claim that everyone can make, but it is one that represents dedication and tradition. We love watching our Craftspeople sign their names onto the packs they handcraft, alongside the “Made in America” tag. A goal of ours at Duluth Pack is to be as transparent as possible. Sharing with you how we create our products and why we are so proud to be making them in Duluth, Minnesota pays homage to our founder, Camille Poirier, who started his legacy over a century ago.


What does it mean to be Made in the USA?


It is more than the simple yet incredible feeling of being able to state that our packs are Made in America. It is also more than the pride of having our Country's flag embroidered on a tag inside our items. It is a reminder and a purpose. Since we are Made in the USA, we can create jobs and opportunities in Duluth, an area we have cherished for years. We can contribute to the community and help build the local economy while consistently create high-quality canvas and leather bags, duffels, outdoor packs, and more that are made to last a lifetime. Furthermore, we can create a promise for the future of Duluth and continue building and promoting the local manufacturing industry in an authentic and ethical way.


Set your roots in the community and join us in celebrating heritage, whether you are from Duluth or elsewhere across the globe. Whenever you shop locally or choose to buy American-made products, you become a part of our story. We want to know your story and what being part of the Duluth Pack family means to you. Share with us!


October 06, 2019 by Duluth Pack