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DIY Bandana PPE Face Mask | Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack is currently manufacturing our line of Personal Protective Equipment; reusable Made in the USA Healthcare Gowns for the greater good and those working on the frontlines are America.  As we work better together, Duluth Pack is ensuring our greatest effort to keep our community and those around us safe. For your health and safety, we are going to go through step by step ‘how-to’ of creating your very own DIY facemask. All you need are a few simple materials, creativity, and your daily dose of adventure. Let’s get started. Here is how to make your own DIY bandana PPE (personal protective equipment) face mask.

Note: This is not a professional PPE. It is advised to cover your face - nose and mouth regions.


First Step

Lay your bandana on a flat surface, with the logo or print side facing down. Then, start at one side of the rectangle and largely fold your bandana into 2-3 inch portions. (Should be able to fold it 4-6 times)

Second Step

You will place one elastic hair tie or rubber band onto each end of your folded-up bandana (with about 8 inches in the middle between the two hair ties). Then, take each end of the bandana and fold them into the center.

Third Step

Then, tuck one of the ends of the bandana into the other end, and straighten out the bandana to ensure no bumps are created.

Fourth Step

Adjust the two hair ties so they are in the perfect position to be able to loop around your ears to secure your face mask and put it to use!

Congrats on making your very own PPE; face mask out of Duluth Pack’s top-selling logo bandanas. It is so simple, yet fun to create while keeping yourself and those around you healthy and protected.

Check out our Instagram DIY Facemask Story Highlights for the full video of a step-by-step breakdown of making a DIY Duluth Pack cotton bandana mask!  Please contact us at marketing@duluthpack.com with any questions or more creative ways of making DIY face masks! 

Stay healthy, friends!