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How To Find The Right Made In America Wallet | Duluth Pack

What are the three things that you always grab on your way out the door? Your phone, keys, and your wallet. We so often take basic items we use every day for granted. A product you can store your ID, credit cards, and cash is a must-have, but carrying it around with you every day can lead to some major wear and tear. Fortunately, here at Duluth Pack we handcraft our own high-quality and Made in America leather and canvas wallets that are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. Here is what we recommend in order to find the right Made in America wallet for you. 

Let’s start by looking at some canvas wallets. These bi-fold wallets are all constructed with a premium 15-ounce canvas for a timeless rugged look and extreme durability. These canvas wallets come in either 5 pockets or 9 pocket variants and are lined with premium leather. Both variants have a cash pocket and 2 security pockets to keep your credit and debit cards safe. The unique part about our canvas wallet selection is that you can choose among an assortment of colors, including our waxed and non-waxed options. 

Leather wallets started to become a trend in the 1600s with the introduction of paper currency. Just like Duluth Pack wallets, they were primarily made out of cow leather. Our premium leather will last you a lifetime while making sure you have the sleek and professional look you’re looking for. Also available in tri-fold styles and America bison leather.

More people are beginning to shift to slimmer wallets, swapping quantity for comfort. We've picked up on this trend and have developed the ideal money-clip style wallets. These money clip hold all wallets have 4 individual packets along with a see-through sleeve for your ID. Want a dedicated spot for your bills? Add a replacement clip that comes standard in our money clip wallet to make sure you have more than enough places to store your cash and cards.

Sometimes simpler is better. For those of you who want to carry only the essentials for a quick trip, try the leather snap card case. This card holder's slim design ensures it will fit in any pocket big or small, front, or back. With an easy and quick to use a nickel-snap enclosure, you can have the right card out in seconds. Plus, you can't beat the insanely reasonable price.

These are only to name a few of the popular Duluth Pack style wallets. Checkbook covers, passport wallets, and notebook holders are some examples of other premium leather products we make to protect your personal belongings. You shouldn't have to replace a wallet every year, and with a Duluth Pack wallet, you may never have to again.


Happy shopping, friends!