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Shop Small For Big Impact: Why Shopping At Small Businesses Is So Important | Duluth Pack

Buying local products and consuming local services move our areas and culture forward. Our local businesses in our home of Duluth are part of what makes doing business in this city so great. A symbiotic relationship between consumers and local businesses is what every community should strive to achieve. Regardless, we ask that when you decide to do your shopping, consider contributing to your area and supporting local business. The challenging events in our world this year have brought up a subject worth mentioning and celebrating: Shopping small this holiday season. Spend your money where your heart belongs - in the community.



Small businesses drive the community. Unlike many big corporations, small businesses think and act locally. Community is a part of a small business' success, and because of that, small businesses operate for the people around them and focus heavily on their local consumers. Shopping small means participating in a vibrant contribution to the community. Small businesses form partnerships with each other, and the relationships help curate the necessary vibes in their communities. In Duluth, whether it is Duluth Coffee Company, Hoops Brewery, or the Duluth Pack flagship store in Canal Park, there is a profound emphasis on the intended experience consumers expect. These places are unique to their geographic location and tailor to the specific community of Duluth. They help mold what we define as a community and build on the foundation that continues to evolve. It feels good to know where your money is going and acknowledge that it has the potential to innovate the business as well as the community.



If you shop small, you are participating in the local economy of your area. Many small businesses need that support now more than ever. Small businesses mean more employers, and more of those lead to more jobs. Shopping at local businesses helps grow and continue to push through what people are relentlessly calling unprecedented times. That money creates circulation in the local economy, which in turn provides growth for new opportunities. More employers, businesses, and jobs drive economic growth and activity, and often, that's only one of the unique benefits of what makes the small businesses so big. They remain due to the loyal locals in the area actively choosing to spend their money on their products or services as opposed to the big corporations.



An aspect of why it is so special to shop at small businesses is because of the quality their consumers experience throughout the shopping experience. Achieving quality in local brands through quality products and services is what makes shopping these places beautiful and vital. When you shop small, ask yourself if you feel more welcome and acknowledged than a big box store, chances are you will. The products that small businesses carry or even handcraft (like us) are designed with you in mind, further adding a personal touch. When you walk into a local shop, you can feel that. Small businesses have a higher capacity to cater to their customer's specific needs and provide them with excellent service, notably at a faster rate. Duluth Pack is proud to embody locality with every step of production and operation happening in our city, Duluth Pack can ensure quality and contribution to being a part of the city of Duluth.


As the clock ticks, the holiday season is approaching, and fast. As you embark on your holiday shopping, remember this season and always, the small businesses that exist in your community, and give them a contribution as a way of saying thank you and reestablishing that symbiotic relationship. Shopping locally adds to the shopping experience. There's an abundance of benefits that come with supporting local, including contributing and participating in your community, driving economic growth, and consuming services and products that are of high quality.


To Duluth visitors and locals, visit our flagship store down in Canal Park (at 365 Canal Park Drive) for a shopping experience tailored to you.


If you can't make it in, we’ll bring the local to you. Shop online: exclusive holiday bundles are live now!


Happy shopping, friends!