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The Importance of Shopping Made in America This Holiday Season | Duluth Pack

The Importance of Shopping Made in America This Holiday Season


Giving the gift of American Made goods for the holidays is the perfect way to show someone you put a little extra love and effort into finding a fitting present. It may take more time in researching and finding the right product to suit their needs, but the result will be a memorable and proud American gift.


Finding products that are Made in the USA these days has become rare. United States manufacturing has been steadily increasing over the past few years, but overall manufacturing employment has dropped since the 1990s. Many large corporations have outsourced manufacturing to other countries because of cheaper costs, and American companies have been faced with unique challenges to keep operations and production in the USA. It is essential to shop for products that are Made in the USA, like Duluth Pack, to support the companies still adhering to the wants and needs of products manufactured in our country. Support American jobs. Buy American Made.


Buying products produced in the United States helps our country sustain itself. Doing so supports the economy of our country by putting money back into the cycle and increasing circulation. Notably, about 68% of the US economy is due to consumer spending. Buying Made in the USA products helps keep and create jobs in our country. When you invest in these products, the money is reinvested into the manufacturing that creates stability for the companies, and allows a higher chance for innovation.


In times like now, amid COVID-19, we've all seen how important it is for the United States to keep manufacturing in our country, so we can sustain our desired quality of life and keep operations rolling. That is one of the reasons Duluth Pack pivoted to manufacturing reusable PPE Healthcare Gowns when the pandemic hit. We saw the need for medical supplies and delivered. This type of versatility is unique to the United States and exemplifies what good manufacturing can achieve and how it can adapt to circumstances. Manufacturing in the United States follows consumer and labor laws that can't be guaranteed abroad. When you buy American Made products, you can be reassured products are crafted humanely and with laws followed. 


When you see the Made in the USA tag, there is an intuition of a quality product that is very much intended and important. We look at the United States as a great example of an enduring country and the home to proud Americans. Our products are a testament to the great country we are privileged to live in and do business. Our products and brand overcome hardships and adversaries to stand the test of time and still succeed in a similar way that the USA has.


Additional detail on our packs includes a tag with the name of the person responsible for crafting the pack or bag. This personal touch is vital in showcasing the craftsmanship of our products. We're proud to have every aspect of our manufacturing and operations to be in the USA - specifically Duluth, MN. Our business has been conducted in Duluth, MN, continuously for 138 years, and buying products made in the USA ensures we will be here for much longer. Duluth Pack is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacture in the United States of America.


Our products are handcrafted and built to endure since 1882. Proudly Made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware. Check us out when you're looking for products made in the USA. Shop our Packs and Bags!


Happy holidays, friends!