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The Quality Leathers of Duluth Pack | Duluth Pack

Duluth Packs have withstood the test of time for generations. At our flagship retail store, we receive stories from customers who have had their packs for decades and have become something of a family heirloom. At Duluth Pack, we choose only quality materials when constructing each pack and bag. We source as many materials from the USA as possible, and all our manufactured products are manufactured right here in Duluth, Minnesota. A material that we're extremely proud of is our selection of American leathers.

There’s something about that new leather smell that has become synonymous with Duluth Pack. If you step into the leather cutting department in our factory location or the leather collection capsule in our flagship store, the amazing smell hits you immediately. We use three different types of leathers to make our products: American cow, bison, and caribou. The caribou leather is only used when handcrafting our Plunge Mitts, because of their natural oil, moisture resistance, and supple feel. It also doesn't dry out as easily as other material gloves and mittens, not to mention how super soft it is to the touch.

The additional kinds of leather we use to handcraft our products are our American cow and bison hide. Cowhide comes standard on most Duluth Pack handcrafted products and can be found on our packs in the forms of straps, zipper extensions, decoration, and of course, our iconic round leather logo. Cowhide is extremely durable and can last a lifetime, it also is easy to maintain and clean. Duluth Pack offers four different types of cowhide - smooth black, smooth brown, pebbled black, and pebbled brown. All Duluth Pack leathers are a byproduct of the meat industry and come from farms right here in the USA. All hides are also tanned in the USA and delivered to Duluth Pack in Duluth, Minnesota.

The other leather that we are proud to use in our products is bison. Bison is the original protein of the United States of America so it’s only fitting for us to use for our bags. We receive this leather from the regions of the Dakota states, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. It has an eye-catching and dignified look that makes it unique among similar bags and products. Our bison leather takes more time to cut and assemble. Duluth Pack's craftspeople typically use several hides to assemble one larger sized bag and make sure that each hide piece matches the other. Again, this painstaking process takes time and focus, but the finished product is worth every

moment. The bison leather collection is the top-selling leather line Duluth Pack offers.

are final sale.

On occasion, Duluth Pack will receive a request for custom products with leather provided by the buyer. This will come with a custom fee, but it is possible. All customs must be discussed with a Duluth Pack craftsperson and

Duluth Pack manufactured products are handcrafted with the best materials possible to ensure a lifetime of performance. Each bag is handcrafted one at a time to ensure the highest quality. We also offer repairs for Duluth Pack handcrafted packs, bags, and items. The Duluth Pack lifetime guarantee covers all craftsmanship and hardware. This includes zippers, snap, grommets, rivets, sewing seams, and buckles. If your pack gets damaged (such as but not limited to wear and tear)you can send it in and we can discuss repairing for a nominal fee.

Leather has always had a huge role in Duluth Pack products and will continue to do so for many years. As your bags age, they'll develop character and hold memories that will last a lifetime and more. At Duluth Pack, we choose our materials not just because they look amazing, but because we want to make sure that you are investing in something that will be with you for the rest of your life, and then some.

Happy leather shopping, friends!