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What Is Hygge? | Duluth Pack

What is Hygge?

Searching for ways to create wellness, comfortability, and contentment is something that we at Duluth Pack are always facing. We are happy to share a new concept that we have come across that may enhance your relaxation: Hygge. This Danish word does not translate into one particular phrase but embodies a feeling of cozy well-being and contentment while purely enjoying day-to-day life. With the long winter days arising, we are all in need of more comfort and calmness as we spend more time huddled inside.

Starting as a Danish standard of life, hygge has transformed into a lifestyle trend all around the world. In the simplest scheme, hygge is the Danish form of experiencing comfort in everyday life and has been a serious part of the Danish culture since the 1800s.

Many of us have experienced hygge without even knowing it. You may have bundled up by the fireplace on a snowy January morning with a blanket and a cup of coffee or thrown on your favorite sweatpants and read a book on a lazy Sunday morning. Maybe you’ve lit a candle, brewed a cup of tea in your favorite mug, and turned on a calming playlist. During these pivotal life moments, you are experiencing hygge.

The basic rule of hygge is to undergo a friendly, calming, and forgiving lifestyle. You may be able to do these things every day without knowing, but some of us must go the extra mile to ensure we are living life to the fullest. Focusing more on creating that calming lifestyle and creating a positive mindset are simple to say but rather difficult to implement. Day by day, we are working to execute hygge into everyday life in the most minimal ways. Having this concept on your mind throughout the day is enough to begin your new relaxing lifestyle.

We hope you were able to learn something new about living life to the fullest and creating comfort in everyday life. If you are already a hygge fanatic or are wanting to learn more, please reach out to us at marketing@duluthpack.com with your insight or questions!


Happy relaxing, friends!