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Hiking Trails in Duluth, Minnesota | Duluth Pack

Hiking Trails in Duluth

Hiking is an adventurous and healthy activity to participate in during the warm summer months of long days and even longer nights. Nothing feels better than getting out, enjoying the sun, enduring the fresh air, and accomplishing a hike within the great outdoors. Duluth is the ultimate and prime location to find your perfect hiking trail, here are some of our favorite recommendations:


Chester Creek Hiking Trail

The Chester Park Hiking Trail is a looped-shaped route that circles around the Chester Park Falls. It is easy to walk around for all different ages and dogs are allowed to accompany you on a leash. The distance of the Chester Park Loop is about 2.4 miles; a swift and simple trek around the beautiful falls and greenery offered in the Chester Park area.

Downtown Lakewalk and Boardwalk

The downtown Duluth lake and boardwalk is one of the top-rated ‘things to do’ for visitors in the city of Duluth. The beginning – or end – of the trail is near Bayfront Park, looking out to the harbor behind the park, as you continue to walk along the lake walk you will immerse yourself in many exceptional features within Duluth, including; the William A. Irvin, the blue Slip Bridge, Canal Park, Ariel Lift Bridge, War Memorials, Leif Erickson & The Rose Garden, leading up the shore to the Edgewater Waterpark for about 2.7 miles of a walking trail. The Duluth lakewalk hugs the curves of the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior.

DWP Trail & Ely’s Peak

The Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific railroad passages are presently used for a hiking trail that stretches from 63rd Street West to Becks Road, under I-35 to Proctor for 10 miles. The DWP Trail is very beautiful and has pleasing views high above the river heading under Ely’s Peak.

Enger Park Hiking Trail

Enger Park has it all, a golf course, astonishing views of Duluth, St. Louis Bay, and Lake Superior at the top of Enger Tower, the Japanese Peace Bell, and 3 miles of hiking in the surrounding area.

Hartley Nature Park Trails

Hartley Nature Park is a 640-acre park that contains a multitude of trails throughout its land that adds up to 10 miles of hiking, a nature learning center, a pine grove, and a pond that is used for canoeing recreation. This is a perfect and amusing place for the exploration of children and dogs!

Knife River Trail

This hiking trail runs 5.7 miles alongside the Knife River, it is a simple trek for all ages while enjoying the serene and tranquil presence of the river during your hike.


Lester River Park Trail & Amity Creek

The Lester River trail is a perfect hike for children or people of all ages, with broad and even trails to hike on. There are a few overlooks that are lovely and charming, along with a swimming hole in the middle of the trails surrounding Lester Park. If you feel like completing the loop, you can take the Amity East trials or continue on to the Duluth Traverse.

Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail has more than 300 miles of hiking terrain, from uphill and rocky, to flat and wide surfaces. Pick your route and follow your inner explorer on this trail. Make sure to visit Bear and Bean Lake during this hike, along with the rest of the beautiful overlooks of Minnesota's woodland and hearty nature throughout this hiking adventure. Duluth Pack has proudly adopted a portion of the SHT in the past to help preserve the area and bring together outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Whatever your adventure calls for, Duluth is the perfect place to find a hiking trail that will offer the ability to explore the natural beauty and essence of Minnesota’s outdoors.

Let us know if you have any other favorite hiking trails at marketing@duluthpack.com, we hope you can get out and enjoy this delightful weather!


Happy hiking, friends!