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Packing With Duluth Pack - For The Camper | Duluth Pack

Today’s post is going to be a continuation of our Packing with Duluth Pack series. Last time we focused on the Jet-Setter, but today’s post is for The Camper. The Camper is those who feel most at home going up-north for a weekend and heading to the campsite. Hiking, canoeing, sitting around the campfire, and sleeping in tents is The Camper’s idea of a fun week and vacation. Especially in the summer, campers spend a lot of their time on weekend camp trips, vacationing in the BWCAW, and relaxing with nature. If that sounds like you, we have a few recommendations for what you can pack to make your life the best it can be while camping.

Finding a Bag

Perhaps more than any other sort of travel, having the right bag for camping is highly important. It is your lifeline while camping, and it will most likely hold all your necessary items for your entire trip, including food.

For your bag, we recommend the #3 Original. This is one of our original designs that has been a fan favorite for generations. This is perfect for trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Wilderness when canoeing and is built to be comfortable during long portages.

For shorter camping trips, try the Wanderer bag. This pack is perfect for holding your necessities for those weekend trips to the campsite. It is smaller, so it's perfect for day-hikes and weekend outings versus weeklong camping trips in the BWCAW. 

Staying Comfortable

If you go canoeing on your camping trips, you know how important it is to try and stay comfortable while in the canoe. For this, we recommend the Duluth Pack Canoe and Camp Chair.  This product can be easily attached to your canoe seat with its sturdy straps and buckles. The chair is perfect for staying comfortable while in your canoe but can also be used while on the campsite to stay comfortable anywhere you go.

To go along with your Canoe and Camp Chair, try the Canoe and Camp Chair Pouch. This will hold all your most necessary items that you may need while canoeing, such as bug spray, sunscreen, extra snacks, and more. The pouch pairs perfectly with our Canoe and Camp Chair, and it provides the convenience you never knew you needed while camping.

It’s important to accessorize and protect your face from UV rays while camping. When you’re out and about, hiking or canoeing all day, protecting yourself is a huge priority. We recommend our Duluth Pack Moose Hat. This is a practical and stylish way to rep the Duluth Pack moose.

Sleeping in a tent with nature can be one of the most rewarding parts about camping. However, being on the ground consistently can often get uncomfortable. Try out the Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pads to help your back for your next camping trip. This will help you stay comfortable while sleeping on the ground during your next camping trip.

Camping Necessities

Part of camping is remaining self-sufficient because there often won’t be access to all the things that might be accessible on other types of vacations. This means you will need plenty of food and nutrients while on your camping excursions because camping can often be physically strenuous. Pack some AlpineAire dehydrated instant meals to stay energized while on your next camp trip. These convenient and healthy meal options are perfect for camping and will keep you full throughout the day.

Along the lines of cooking, when camping you may have some utensils to use when cooking over the fire. To keep all these utensils in one place, try the Utensil Roll. This versatile roll will keep all your utensils not only organized but also compact which is highly important when you are trying to save space during your next camping trip.

Finally, make sure that you are prepared for your campfire with our Wax Canvas Fire Starters. These will make starting fires easier than ever for your next camp trip so that you will have more time for what matters eating s’mores, telling stories, and being with family.

Happy camping, friends!