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Packing With Duluth Pack: For the Jet-Setter | Duluth Pack

Packing with Duluth Pack Series: For The Jet-Setter

Now that the summer months are rolling around and our world is beginning to open a little bit more, your friends at Duluth Pack have created a packing guide for all types of vacations that you plan to go on in the future. Use this guide to help you pack for your endeavors this summer, or to dream of that perfect vacation that you plan to take in the future. Today’s post is for the jet-setter.


The jet-setter is for those who feel at home while flying 30,000 feet in the air. For some, flying provides tranquility and peace that being on land doesn't. Even if you can’t travel by plane this summer, keep this guide in mind for the next time that you can act on your travel bug and go sightseeing once again.

The Perfect Bag

When imagining the days when you can travel by plane once again, start by thinking of the best bag for your vacation. One bag that your friends at Duluth Pack just can’t recommend enough would be our  Jet-Setter Duffel bag. This classic bag can be converted between being a backpack, a shoulder bag, and a duffel pack, which is perfect for both short and long trips that you may take in the future. The Jet-Setter Duffel bag is perfect for anyone who needs a sturdy bag to carry with them when they jump on a plane at the drop of a hat. You get three bags in one.

One of our top-selling travel bags is our Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel. This bag will provide you more room than the Jet-Setter and is perfect for those longer trips across the world. Made with durable and premium American bison leather, this bag will last you generations of vacations and is sure to become a family heirloom once you’ve gotten your use out of it.

For many, work is the main reason for travel and sightseeing is just a perk. If this sounds like you, we recommend looking at our Bison Leather Executive Briefcase. It will hold all your most important business items, such as your computer, important documents, and more, all while being aesthetically pleasing and functional. We promise that this will be the last briefcase that you’ll ever need to buy because we make it to last generations.

Getting organized

Having the perfect bag is important but organizing within that bag is also essential when traveling. To keep the inside of your duffel, backpack, or briefcase, we recommend the Leather Travel Kit. It will keep all your items in one place, while also being stylish. No matter the length of your trip, this travel kit will keep you organized the whole time.

If you are more into the canvas look, consider the Grab-N-Go bag. It provides the same convenience as a travel kit and can be taken on all your endeavors. This versatile bag will keep everything you need organized, whether you are traveling or not. The Grab-N-Go has become a popular staple for hygiene products, holding cosmetics, and even crayons for the little kiddos.

One essential while traveling is having your passport, money, and plane tickets in an easy to find location. It can be stressful trying to dig through your bag to find what you need at the moment, so we recommend trying out the Leather Passport Wallet to carry your passport and cards all in the same place. For a cheaper option, if you just need your cards and ID, try out our Leather Snap Card Case, which is a sleek and affordable option ($15.00) when you don’t want to carry as many items with you.

What to Bring

Now that you have the perfect bag, and everything you need for organizing, it’s time for accessories and choosing what you want to pack. It’s important to be prepared for anything you might encounter around the world, and your friends at Duluth Pack are here to help.

The first part of any jet-set vacation is being on a plane. For the long flights that can often get cold, we recommend our Logo Sweatshirt to keep you warm while on the plane. The stylish design and warm material are sure to be a favorite for staying comfortable on those long flights.

For some reading material, we recommend picking up Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer to keep you entertained while on the plane. Stay tuned for Duluth Pack’s Chapter Chats to find even more reading inspiration in the future as well.

Something your friends at Duluth Pack like to do when on trips is to journal our memories and thoughts while traveling around the world. Try the Duluth Pack Leather Journal for this. Having a journal of all the memories you made and the sights you saw while traveling the world is something you won’t forget in the future.

Happy traveling, friends!