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The Perfect Made in the USA Pack For The North Shore | Duluth Pack

The Perfect Made in the USA Pack For The North Shore

Summer is officially here, and the wilderness is calling. In Duluth, we are blessed to be surrounded by breathtaking views along with amazing hiking and camping opportunities. With living on Lake Superior and being only a couple of hours away from the Boundary Waters, there is no lack of potential nature traveling options. So, while you’re planning for your next camping trip around Duluth, be sure to make time for some backpacking. Let's find you the perfect Made in the USA pack for exploring the North Shore of Minnesota.
How To Build A Fire Without Matches | Duluth Pack

How To Build A Fire Without Matches

Having the capability and knowledge of starting and building a fire without matches is instrumental for survival and is a beneficial life skill to obtain. While exploring the open forest and middle of nature, you never know when you might need to establish a flame, only to find yourself without any matches. Whether you require to cook food, purifying water, avoiding animals and insects, needing warmth and heat, or even to feel a sense of comfort, having the competence of creating fire without matches will only be of value to you.