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The Perfect Made in the USA Pack For The North Shore | Duluth Pack

Summer is officially here, and the wilderness is calling. In Duluth, we are blessed to be surrounded by breathtaking views along with amazing hiking and camping opportunities. With living on Lake Superior and being only a couple of hours away from the Boundary Waters, there is no lack of potential nature traveling options. So, while you’re planning for your next camping trip around Duluth, be sure to make time for some backpacking. Let's find you the perfect Made in the USA pack for exploring the North Shore of Minnesota.

The North Shore runs from Duluth to the northern tip of Minnesota and then continuing through Ontario along Lake Superior. The swath of coastline is famous because of its diverse shoreline. It features alternating rocky cliffs, cobblestone beaches, rolling wooded hills, and rivers that run into the lake. With countless places to stop and hike or camp, this strip of nature is right up our alley!

There are eight state parks along the North Shore, all of which offer opportunities for hiking. One of the most famous hiking trails and most optimal for backpackers is the Superior Hiking Trail. This trail offers more than 300 miles of hiking and is divided into seven different sections that align with some of the state parks. It is the perfect place to plan a backpacking trip.

One thing that is a must while you’re planning for your trip is bringing the right pack. You should decide what type of hiking you’re going to be doing while on your excursion along the North Shore. Are you going to be stopping and hitting all the state parks and exploring the shoreline, or are you set on a genuine hiking trip?

The Wanderer


The Wanderer is the ideal pack If you’re looking to camp out for a weekend. Or maybe spend a night in one of the National Parks. The Wanderer is a 24-L volume pack along with two 40oz water-bottle pockets on either side making it the perfect outdoor pack. This pack also features flexible cotton straps for comfort and a spacious front pocket that offers quick access to essentials.

Deluxe Roll-Top Scout


The Deluxe Roll-Top Scout is one of the most versatile packs that we handcraft. As its name suggests, this pack features a roll-top to accommodate more items for a longer trip. This pack also sits tight against your back so no shifting or bulky feeling while you’re walking. The Deluxe Roll-Top Scout makes for a great every-day backpack because of its sleek and stylish design!

Large Standard Backpack


If you’re not sure which pack to choose from, why not just go for the safe bet? The Large Standard Backpack is our take on an all-around use backpack. Featuring lifetime guaranteed and high-quality zippers and a durable front slip pocket, this backpack is perfect for students of any age as well as general outdoor use.



The Bushcrafter is THE pack for long trips and heavily wooded areas with its 57-L carrying capacity. This extremely rugged pack has a variety of technical features that make sure that you’ll have all you need for any scenario. With a lower profile and narrower build, it allows easier navigation through heavy brush. The nylon webbing side compression gives you the option to increase or decrease carrying capacity so you can bring as much as needed without extra bulk or baggage.

These are only to name a few items that Duluth Pack has to offer. We have dozens of other styles that can cater to any nature trip you may be looking to take this summer! For more ideas on what to do with your trip, visit our Summertime with Duluth Pack board on Pinterest!


Looking for inspiration for outdoor adventures? To follow us @duluthpack on social, go to our website at www.duluthpack.com, stop by our store at 365 Canal Park Drive, or call us at 1-800-777-4439.


Happy hiking, friends!