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Ways to Save on Solo Traveling | Duluth Pack

Do you find that you're living vicariously through the 'solo traveler' hashtag on Instagram? It's a great place to look for tons of great inspiration for travelers. Exploring the world is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. When it comes to budgeting for travel, you may wonder, “How do you travel while being a student?” or “How can I make my trip more cost-effective? With some budgeting tips and tricks, you can travel while staying within a reasonable amount.  

Stepping into the shoes of a college student, you're already determined to graduate and finish your last remaining credits. Why not use that determination to travel, too?

There are several paths you can take while being a student (or a graduate) when it comes to traveling within a student-friendly budget.  


Keep an open mind when planning your travel itinerary:

Understandably, the hotspots of New York City and Paris may be at the top of your travel bucket list. Sometimes when it comes to traveling, you may find you get more out of the lesser-known locations. Be flexible when it comes to where you want to go and think about how far your dollar will go. $100 may not go a long way in bigger cities such as Paris or Sydney, but it will in the Southeast Asian countries. Think Indonesia or Thailand.

Traveling during the off-season is one other way to make flying more budget-friendly. For instance, boarding a plane to Europe during the summer months means more expensive tickets and accommodations. Instead, opt for exploring Europe during the colder months, such as January through April. Keep in mind that the off-peak season is different everywhere.


Plan ahead:

We know you’re eager to set the date of your adventure into your countdown app, but hold on, let’s plan. Traveling on a budget is unique for everyone, and being a student has its perks! Bring your student ID with you, and you’ll be surprised by all the discounts you can get with it. From accommodations and eateries to transportation and even some flights!

After you’ve settled on a destination you want to explore, you’re ready to figure out how you’re going to get there. If you’re going abroad, it’s safe to say you’ve probably already scoured the internet for the most cost-effective flights possible. Finding the best flights can be a tricky game to play, but there are ways to maximize your savings.

  • Fly with the in-country airlines.
  • Indirect flights and less popular airports are cost-effective when trying to save.
  • Try to be flexible with the dates you want to depart on and arrive back on.


Transportation while abroad:

Think outside of those expensive taxi rides that’ll end up overcharging you while you get from point A to point B. In European countries, especially in the larger metropolitan areas, your transportation options are vast. From Uber to trams, trains, and subways, you have several options. Thinking about those Southeast Asian countries? I don't know about you, but riding in a tuk-tuk to get to where you're going sounds like an adventure in itself. It's a budget-friendly alternative too!


Staying within your budget while you’re traveling:

Some of the best parts about traveling are indulging in the local food and engaging in a little retail therapy. If you’re looking to have a cost-effective trip, there are some things to consider.

  • Instead of dining out at a restaurant for each meal, opt to eat locally by shopping at fresh food markets and grocery stores.
  • While staying at a hostel or hotel means breakfast included in your stay, consider taking extra breakfast on the go.
  • Pass up the cliché souvenirs. Go off the beaten path to find something that resembles the country you visited.
  • Local street markets are a great place to find hidden treasures. Not only are they reasonably priced, generally, and no two items will be alike.


Whether you're a college student or just looking to have more budget-friendly travel experience, solo traveling is an experience that everyone should partake in at least once in their life. Traveling solo is a possibility for everyone, and you do not have to be rich to travel the world. Whether you’re a college student eager to explore or you’ve graduated school in search of something new to try, solo traveling is possible.

 Happy traveling, friends!